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Crane Adorables Ultrasonic Humidifier Review

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Noise Level
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Adorable appearance; Great build quality.


  • Very easy to use.

  • Adorable appearance.

  • It is quiet when running.


  • No advanced functions.

  • The green light can’t turn off.


199 ml/h (our test result)







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This basic humidifier lacks advanced features but wins big on ease of use and build quality. With a high enough output to effectively cover a small to medium-sized room, it offers practical functionality. Its adorable design is a key appeal; I'm fond of it, and so is my little brother.

Why you can trust this review: I purchased this Crane Adorables Humidifier humidifier with our own money, took pictures, and spent three weeks testing it for its noise level, output, and humidification performance.

The Crane Adorables Ultrasonic Humidifier is a beloved model known for its charming and cute animal-shaped designs, making it a popular choice for both parents and kids alike. As an adult, I also like it. However, beyond its adorable appearance, how does this humidifier actually perform? Are there any pros and cons that may not be immediately apparent? Let’s dive into my review.

Crane Adorables Ultrasonic Humidifier Ratings Breakdown

Humidification Performance 9?

Crane Adorables Ultrasonic Humidifier output compare

This humidifier has a 3.8L (1 gallon) water tank, placing it in the middle range compared to other models I’ve tested.

With the same water tank size, the Crane 4-in-1 has an output of 148 ml/h, while the Honeywell Cool Moisture model outputs at 189 ml/h.

In my testing, I found that this humidifier achieves an output of 199 ml/h, which is slightly better than the two models I just mentioned. According to calculations, it can effectively cover a room of up to 215 sq. ft. within 3 hours and a room of 261 sq. ft. within 10 hours, raising humidity levels from 35% to 50%.

Overall, it proves to be a suitable option for small to mid-sized rooms.

Ease Of Cleaning 9?

Crane Adorables Ultrasonic Humidifier build ease of cleaning

Cleaning this humidifier is a straightforward process, as it doesn’t have many small parts. The base, water tank lid, water tank, and water tank cap are the main components, all of which can be cleaned independently.

The nozzle, located on the water tank lid, may vary depending on the model—some have two nozzles, while others have only one. However, the nozzle openings are large enough to be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or cotton swab.

Unlike some models I have tested where the mist tube is connected to the nozzle, here it’s separate, making cleaning a breeze. The generous size of the mist tube allows for easy cleaning with a damp cloth or toothbrush.

The base is standard and it is advised to empty daily and cleaned weekly.

The only part I found difficult to clean is the water tank. This is because the opening of the water tank is quite small, making it impossible to insert my hands to wipe it down with a damp cloth.

I need to use a brush for cleaning, and there are still some areas that are a bit hard to access.

Therefore, it is essential to keep the water clean to prevent any buildup from forming.

Noise Level 10?

ModeSound Level(dB)

This humidifier operates quietly, similar to many ultrasonic models. While ultrasonic humidifiers are generally known for their quiet operation, some models may produce a noticeable humming noise, which can be unpleasant.

Fortunately, this Crane humidifier doesn’t have any visible humming noise when I sit very close to it. Any humming noise it does produce is much lighter compared to many models I have tested.

However, it does produce some water dripping sounds, and occasionally, I can hear some gurgling of water. Despite this, I find these sounds much more pleasant than the humming noise often associated with other models.

Crane Adorables Ultrasonic Humidifier noise level

Usability 10?

Crane Adorables Ultrasonic Humidifier usability

This model could be one of the easiest humidifiers to use because all I need to do is turn the knob. It doesn’t have any extra features to explore, not even an aroma box for adding essential oils. In this regard, it is very similar to the Honeywell HUL520 I have tested.

Regarding refilling, I need to remove the water tank lid and turn the water tank upside down. There is a handle on the top for easy carrying.

Crane Adorables Ultrasonic Humidifier build handle

I believe anyone can understand how to use it; there is almost no learning curve involved.

One thing I need to point out is that the indicator light cannot be turned off during operation. The light on the right shows green when the humidifier is running, and the light on the left shows red when the water runs out.

This might disturb someone’s sleep, as many people prefer a completely dark atmosphere when sleeping.

This is a common issue with many models featuring a knob-control design, like the Vicks Filter Free and Bear 5L model.

Build Quality 10?

Crane Adorables Ultrasonic Humidifier build quality

The build quality of this humidifier is excellent. Upon close inspection, I noticed that the materials used for each part are very thick and solid. Even the walls of the water tank are thicker than many counterparts.

The water tank lid, which features the animal head design that varies from model to model, also lacks any rough edges. Additionally, the water valve is well-made, ensuring that water does not drip when carrying the water tank.

This humidifier is made with bpa-free material and produce cool mist, therefore, it is generally safe for kids to use.

Warranty 8.5?

While Crane is a relatively prominent brand in the market, it only offers a 1-year warranty, which is in line with many models available on the market.

Brands that offer longer warranty periods include Levoit, Vicks, Honeywell, Vornado, and Pure Enrichment.

Design and Sizing

Crane Adorables Ultrasonic Humidifier design
Mist ModeContinuous (Just turn the knob to adjust the mist level from low to high)
ColorMultiple Colors Available
Size9 x 12.75 x 9 in
Tank Size3.8L
Weight4.7 lbs

When I researched Crane’s website, I found that this brand focuses on providing good products for kids and babies. The Crane Adorables Ultrasonic Humidifier series is favored by many children.

While I purchased the sheep model, there are many other options available, such as elephant, frog, panda, penguin, cat, pig, cow, and more. I think children will enjoy having these cute designs around, especially when they are feeling unwell.

Depending on the model chosen, the number of nozzles varies. My sheep model has two nozzles, which I find beneficial as it helps distribute the mist in two directions.

However, some models, like the elephant one, only have one nozzle, and note that the nozzle cannot be turned.

In terms of size, it’s pretty standard, considering the 3.8L water tank capacity, but it can easily fit on a small table without any issues.

Removing the water tank lid is easy, and there’s a comfortable handle on the water tank for lifting.

On the front, there’s a big knob with two indicator lights on the top. When turning the knob, I hear a click, indicating that it will start to operate.


Price Range: $$$$$

Electricity Cost: $10.34 per year (365*8 hours on high mode)

This is undoubtedly a basic humidifier without any extra features. Considering its price tag, it may not offer the best value compared to other models on the market.

For a similar price, you could find models with additional features like a diffusion function, a larger water tank, or even a built-in humidistat.

However, despite its simplicity, its build quality is good, and its cute design adds to its appeal. Anyway, the price is still low.

In terms of energy consumption, like most ultrasonic humidifiers, it consumes very little power. Additionally, since it is filterless, there are no ongoing costs apart from the expense of distilled water.

What Set This Crane Adorables Ultrasonic Humidifier Apart?

They are so cute!

Crane Adorables Ultrasonic Humidifier build it is cute

Since I started building this website, I’ve often had a few humidifiers at home for testing.

When I tested this humidifier, many visitors were attracted to it and commented on its adorableness. My little brother liked it very much and wanted to take it home, and many friends were fond of it too.

While the main purpose of a humidifier is to increase the humidity level to relieve dry skin or a sore throat, its appeal is also important.

I’ve tested the Taotronics TT-AH038, which has a very cute whale-shaped appearance, but the Adorables series from Crane are even cuter. Even better, Crane offers so many options for us. I like my sheep one, but I also like the elephant one, the Hello Kitty one, and the monkey one.

I think for kids, they could always find their favorite animal.

Additionally, it’s not just beautiful but also functional. Its humidification performance is good enough.

So why not purchase a gadget that is both useful and pleasing?

Other humidifiers to consider

Since many readers who read this review may be interested in models suitable for babies and kids, I’ve selected two alternatives that may meet your needs. One is from Crane and offers more features, while the other is from Taotronics and has a smaller size.

For Cheaper Price

Crane 4-In-1 Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

This is another popular model from Crane. It offers more features compared to the Adorables series, including a white noise sound machine and a colorful nightlight. Additionally, it is even easier to clean. However, its output is lower.

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crane 4-in-1 drop humidifier review.jpg

For Smaller Size

Taotronics TT-AH038 Cool Mist BPA-free Humidifier

This model is favored by many parents, and I particularly like its soft whale tail design. It has a smaller water tank, only 2.5L, but the nightlight can be turned off. However, the output is also lower compared to the Adorables model.

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Taotronics TT-AH038 Cool Mist BPA-free Humidifier review

Who Should Buy This Humidifier? 

Crane Adorables Ultrasonic Humidifier

View on AmazonView on Crane

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Crane Adorables Ultrasonic Humidifiers for Bedroom and Baby Nursery

The Crane Adorables Ultrasonic Humidifier is just perfect for parents hunting for a cute and safe humidifier for their little ones. With a bunch of adorable models to choose from, it’s easy to find one that’ll make your kids jump with joy.

Plus, its simple operation makes it a hit among the elderly too. And for folks with disabilities, like visual impairment, it’s a breeze to use since there’s no need to fuss over reading any text or numbers.

With a solid output of 199 ml/h, this humidifier does wonders for keeping dry skin at bay in smaller to medium-sized spaces.

If you have any questions about buying a humidifier, feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected] or leave a comment below!

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