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Bear JSQ-F50D2 5L Humidifier Review – Is It a Good Basic Humidifier?

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Top Fill Design; Effortless Single-Knob Operation; Oil Diffuser Included;


  • Affordable.

  • Easy to use and refill.

  • Beautiful color.


  • It can’t control the humidity level.

  • It doesn’t have any additional features.


162 ml/h (our test result)







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This Bear humidifier is straightforward to use and clean. Its top-fill design simplifies the refilling process, and the aroma tray allows it to double as a diffuser. While it lacks extra features, it operates quietly, and its output is sufficiently high to accommodate a small to medium-sized room.

Why you can trust this review: I purchased this Bear humidifier with our own money, took pictures, and spent two weeks testing it for its noise level, output, and humidification performance.

Bear is a well-known brand in China for creating cost-effective electronic devices. Since many of my friends frequently ask me to recommend simple and affordable humidifiers, I realized that many readers of this site might have similar needs.

During my research, I came across the Bear JSQ-F50D2 humidifier. To determine its quality, I purchased and tested it myself. Is it a good basic humidifier to buy? Let’s dive into this review and find out.

Note that what I purchased is the Chinese version, but you can get an English version through the link above.

Bear 5L Humidifier Ratings Breakdown

Humidification Performance 8.5?

Bear humidifier output compare

While this Bear humidifier has a low price tag, it doesn’t skimp on performance. With a 162 ml output (my test result), it lands squarely in the middle of the road among all the humidifiers I’ve tested, proving that a budget-friendly option can still keep the air comfortably moist.

Based on our calculator, it’s a good choice for areas up to 175 sq. ft. However, even for those willing to run it longer to reach a comfortable humidity level, I wouldn’t recommend it for spaces larger than 210 sq. ft.

It might not be the most powerful humidifier available, but it’s effective in small to medium-sized rooms. Models with similar performance include the Vicks filter-free humidifier and the Crane Drop 4-in-1 humidifier.

Ease Of Cleaning 9?

bear 5l humidifier review-ease of cleaning

Cleaning the Bear JSQ-F50D2 humidifier is pretty straightforward. It has a top-fill design, so just popping off the top cover allows me to dive in with a soft cloth to tackle any gunk inside the water tank.

The mist tube is on the smaller side, but I managed to clean it with a small brush.

For the base, both the float and the filter are removable. Since I stick to distilled or RO water, I barely see any mineral buildup around the diaphragm, but I suppose the filter is doing its part too.

You can’t clean the filter itself, but no worries – replacements are easily available on their website for a reasonable price.

There’s no handle on the tank, so cleaning it means using both hands every time. Plus, the marks on the cover and tank tend to be noticeable.

Noise Level 10?

ModeSound Level(dB)

I usually don’t stress over noise when picking out an ultrasonic humidifier since they’re typically quiet. However, I know some of my friends struggle to sleep if there are any noticeable dripping sounds.

If you’re someone who’s sensitive to such noises, I believe this model is a solid choice. After observing it for two weeks, I found it to be not only quiet but also free from loud dripping sounds. I didn’t notice it at all, whether during the day or at night.

bear 5l humidifier noise level

According to my test, the noise level stays pretty consistent no matter which mist level I choose. So, there’s no need to adjust the mist level for sleep—it won’t disturb you much.

Usability ?

bear JSQ-F50D2 humidifier review-usability

Having tested nearly 30 humidifiers, I’ve noticed that those with simple functionalities often feature a single-dial design, and this Bear humidifier is no exception.

Right out of the box, I knew how to use it. By turning the knob, I could adjust the mist level. It also has an oil tray for adding essential oils, and that’s pretty much all the functionality this gadget offers. Don’t worry, it will shut off automatically when the water level decreases to a certain level.

Many people lack the patience to learn how to use a new gadget, and this one is perfect for them.

Build Quality 9.5?

bear JSQ-F50D2 humidifier review-build quality

As mentioned, this humidifier is budget-friendly, yet its build quality is pretty decent. I haven’t found any part of this gadget to feel flimsy, and I feel secure while using it.

This machine reminds me of the Crane 4-in-1 humidifier. Both have transparent water tank walls, though they’re a bit thinner compared to the Vicks and Levoit humidifiers I’ve tested.

Warranty 8.5?

This Bear humidifier includes a 1-year warranty, matching the standard for many ultrasonic humidifiers.

However, some brands do offer longer warranties. For instance, the Vornado EVDC500 comes with a 5-year warranty, and the Honeywell Cool Moisture features a 3-year warranty.

Design and Sizing

Bear JSQ-F50D2 humidifier review-design
Mist ModeContinuous (Just turn the knob to easily adjust the mist level from low to high)
Size9.65 x 9.72 x 7.99 in
Tank Size5L
Weight3.31 lbs

This humidifier may not win any beauty contests; it’s pretty standard in terms of looks. However, I’m quite fond of the retro green color, which adds an elegant touch.

Despite its compact size, it boasts an impressive 5L water capacity, capable of running for up to 35 hours at maximum.

The design is straightforward, featuring a cover with a 360-degree nozzle, a transparent water tank, and a small base. Both the filter and float in the base are detachable, simplifying maintenance. Additionally, there’s an oil tray on the side of the base, which can easily be cleaned with a cotton swab.

Overall, it’s a simple and compact device that gets the job done.


Price Range: $$$$$

If you’re on a tight budget but struggling with dry air at home, this humidifier could be a great choice. I’ve even included it in my roundup of the best affordable humidifiers.

It’s quite budget-friendly without feeling flimsy. Although the filter requires replacement, the replacements are also reasonably priced.

This filter, unlike the wick filters found in evaporative models, doesn’t require frequent replacements. Moreover, you can use it without this filter if you use this humidifier with distilled water.

What Set This Bear 5L Humidifier Apart?

top fill design

Bear humidifier review-top-fill

Based on my research, it seems that the top-fill feature is a more recent innovation in humidifiers. While there are plenty of user-friendly and traditional models out there, they often lack this particular convenience. However, models equipped with a top-fill design typically come with more complex features.

This Bear humidifier stands out as having both a top-fill design and being exceptionally straightforward to use.

The top-fill feature simplifies water refills significantly. You can easily pour water into the tank using a large bottle, and thanks to the wide opening, cleaning the tank becomes a breeze. Plus, since there’s no need to invert the tank, you won’t have to worry about spilling water from the base.

It can be used as a diffuser

There’s a small oil tray tucked away at the base of this humidifier, a feature easy to overlook but incredibly handy for those who enjoy a fragrant room. I tried adding a few drops of essential oil to this tray and, within seconds, the aroma began to fill the space.

Just a heads-up, though: don’t add essential oil directly to the water tank of this humidifier. The materials used in many humidifiers aren’t designed to withstand the corrosive nature of essential oils, leading to potential leaking problems.

I think it’s best not to take that risk.

Other humidifiers to consider

While digging around, I noticed lots of folks eyeing this Bear humidifier for its handy top-fill feature, affordability, or simplicity. So, I go ahead, and round up 3 other humidifiers that share some of these cool perks for you to check out.

For Better Performance

LEVOIT 300S Ultrasonic Smart Humidifier

This humidifier not only offers a top-fill feature but is also a step up in terms of technology. It allows for mobile phone control and features a dedicated sleep mode. With an output reaching up to 256 ml, it stands out as a more suitable option for larger areas.

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For Kids

Crane Adorables Ultrasonic Humidifier

Just like the Bear humidifier, this one is incredibly user-friendly. Simply rotating the dial is all it takes. If you're looking to buy a humidifier for your kids, this model is likely to be a hit with them.

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Affordable Choice

Taotronics TT-AH038 Cool Mist BPA-free Humidifier

This humidifier is user-friendly, budget-friendly, and adorable. Its large water tank opening makes it easy to clean as well. However, do note that the water tank capacity is only 2.5L.

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Who Should Buy This Humidifier? 

Bear Humidifiers for Bedroom

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# We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Bear Humidifiers for Bedroom review

As more high-tech humidifiers hit the shelves, I still reckon there’s a big crowd who prefers keeping it simple. Many people prefer simplicity over a bunch of bells and whistles.

The Bear humidifier is a solid bet for anyone watching their wallet. It does the trick for spaces under 210 sq. ft., comes with a hefty water tank, and even doubles as a diffuser.

It’s pretty senior-friendly, too. For folks with not-so-strong hands, its big dial and easy top-fill make it a breeze to use.

For those considering a humidifier for their plants, I’d recommend this model too. Able to run for over 30 hours and built to last, it’s well-equipped to take care of your green friends.

But, it’s missing the fancy stuff. If you’re concerned about over-humidifying your space or wanna control things from your phone, you might want to check out other options.

If you have any questions about buying a humidifier, feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected] or leave a comment below!

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