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Geniani Erie Humidifier Review – We Tested It!

Air Smartly Verdict

Geniani Erie humidifier is quiet, portable, easy to use, and cheap to run. It can be used as a night light independently.

However, it has a low mist output and is not going to humidify your whole room. As a travel or mini desktop humidifier, it may make you feel a bit better if you don’t mind placing it close to you.

Why you can trust this review: I purchased this Geniani Erie humidifier with our own money, took pictures, and spent a few days testing it for its noise level, output, and humidification performance.

Although Geniani is not a widely recognized brand of humidifiers, their products have gained popularity on the market. Many people are interested in the Geniani Erie travel humidifier but are unsure if it lives up to its claims. Therefore, I purchased it and have written this review to assist you in making an informed decision.

If you’re pressed for time, the following are the most important specifications and what we like and don’t like.


design of geniani erie
Mist modeContinuous and intermittent
TypeUltrasonic/USB (you will need to prepare a 5w adaptor)
Noise level38 dB (based on our test)- it is really quiet!
Size3.4″D x 3.4″W x 6″H – good for travel!
Coverage65 ft² (6). [We think the real coverage may be 2 to 3 m2)
Output28 ml/h (based on our test)
Energy consumption$0.4/month
Filtered or filterlessFiltered
What we likeWhat we don’t like
1. It is lightweight and small in size, making it a good choice to put in a suitcase or backpack. 

2. It is very easy to use and clean. The filter replacement is cheap. 

3. It can be used as a nightlight. You can use it without turning on the humidifying function.
1. The output rate is low. It can only able to humidify a really small space.

2. It can turn off automatically after 8 hours but it can’t turn off when the water level is low.
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Minimalist design and small size

size of geniani erie humidifier

This Geniani humidifier is really small (3.4″D x 3.4″W x 6″H). I have compared it with the normal-size humidifier in the picture so that you can get a better idea. 

Although it may not be as compact as the Jisulife mini humidifier, it will not take up much space in your bag, making it a good choice for travel.

There are three colors available: white, black, and grey. All colors are easy to integrate with your decor, creating a harmonious look that complements any style.

Although the water tank appears to be made of glass, it is, in fact, constructed from PVC.

There is only one button on the side for you to control the machine. In addition to this, there is a USB port.

Simple functionalities

I have used a few portable humidifiers and have found that they don’t have complex functionalities.

As for this Erie humidifier, it only has two mist modes and an extra nightlight function.

After installing the filter and connecting the USB cord to a 5W adaptor, it is ready to go.

By pressing the button once, the continuous mode is activated. The intermittent mode will activate if you press the button again. This humidifier comes with a built-in timer so that it can turn off automatically after 8 hours (we tested it).

However, it seems that it doesn’t have a water level sensor as many other models do. When I press the button again after an 8-hour operation, it will continue to produce mist, and the machine became a bit overheated when the water level is low. To prevent any possible issues, I stopped it.

So I suggest you refill this humidifier after an 8-hour operation. It is better to be safe than sorry.

If you want to turn on the night light, you can press the button for 3 seconds. Note that you can use it as a night light independently. 

I have recorded a short video to show you how to use it exactly.

Easy to maintain 

Thanks to its simple construction, this humidifier is very easy to refill and clean. By screwing the top, you can take out the water tank and refill and clean it. 

After one or two months, you need to replace the filter which is a small cotton cord. 

It is not allowed to use with essential oil. According to the instruction placed on the top, it is not advisable to use pure water, which is inconsistent with our common sense. 

The reason may be that the atomizer is on the top and pure water is more likely to form water droplets, and even block the atomization hole. (I got the answer from customer service from Jisulife, which is another portable humidifier that is recommended to use with clean tap or spring water.)

I have filled it with pure water and filtered water and found that it can create a stronger mist with filtered water.

When the atomizer is blocked, you can clean it with a cotton swab and citric acid.

Our performance test

With a 250ml water tank, you can’t expect that it can make much difference in the humidity level of your room. To test the performance, I calculate its output and record the humidity level change within 5 hours by using the Grovee hygrometers

Low output 

geniani erie humidifier output-min

When I compare it with my Jisulife humidifier, I already found that its mist output is low.

In order to know the accurate output of this Geniani humidifier, I weight it before and after one hour by using a scale.

geniani erie humidifier output - 1

As you can see, 28 grams of weight loss after 1 hour, indicates that the output is 28ml/h, which is extremely low.

Poor humidification performance 

We put two hygrometers in a room of 15m² (160 sq. ft). Most people will stay in a room that is similar to or larger than this room.

As for the hygrometer, one is placed 0.3m away from the machine and the other is 2m away from it.

Our humidity level is 50% at baseline. After 5 hours of testing, the hygrometer placed 2 meters away did not show any changes, whereas the other one indicated that the humidity has raised to 53%, which is still not an impressive result though.

Hence, if you hope this machine to bring you some relief, you should place it really close to you. 

Noise level

This mini humidifier is so quiet that you will ignore it, even if you are a light sleeper. The noise level is less than 40 dB according to our sound level meter, which is very low. 

ModeNoise Level

I used it at night for 3 days and have never been disturbed by it. 

Low running cost

running cost of genianie erie

The wattage of the Erie humidifier is only 5W, making it an energy-saving gadget. Assuming you run it 24 hours per day and the local electricity price is 0.12 per kilowatt-hour, it will only cost you $0.432 per month.

Another cost is for filter replacement. If you use it frequently, you may need to replace it every month. Luckily, you can get it at an extremely low price. 

After each use, you can empty the water tank, take out the filter, and allow it to dry. It can prevent the growth of mold and mildew and extend its lifespan.

our tips for extending the lifespan of filter


Honestly, they don’t provide information about the length of the warranty in their instruction manual. But I found the information on their official website.

The warranty is 1 year and you can extend it to 2 years if you register your product on their website during the first 14 days after the purchase.

Sum up

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Featuring a compact design, the Geniani Erie humidifier is a good option for travel. In addition, it has a low price tag and is easy to use and clean. 

However, the mist output is low, meaning that you can’t expect it to humidify your whole room. If you want to use it to relieve your dry skin or throat, you should place it very close to you.

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