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Vicks Filter-Free Cool Mist Humidifier Review

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Constructed with durable materials and is extremely easy to use.


  • It’s made from sturdy plastic.

  • 3-year warranty.

  • Easy to use.

  • It is compatible with Vicks vapopads.


  • The indicator light can’t turn off.

  • The bottom of the water tank is difficult to clean.

  • It is not the most cost-effective option.


183 ml/h (our test result)







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Featuring only the essential humidifier functions, this model stands out for its quality construction and ease of use. Additionally, the inclusion of an oil tray adds a nice touch. It is compatible with Vicks vapopads.

Why you can trust this review: I purchased this Vicks Filter Free Ultrasonic V4600 humidifier with our own money, took pictures, and spent two weeks testing it for its noise level, output, and humidification performance.

Vicks, renowned for its vaporub ointment, also offers a range of products designed to relieve congestion and cough, including humidifiers. In my research on humidifiers, I discovered that several models from Vicks are popular in the market. Consequently, I purchased three of them to evaluate how they perform.

This review focuses on the Vicks filter-free humidifier. I will be writing reviews for the other two models very soon.

Vicks Filter-Free Cool Mist Humidifier Ratings Breakdown

Humidification Performance 9?

Vicks Filter-Free Cool Mist Humidifier output compare

Based on my testing, the output of this Vicks humidifier is 183 ml, positioning its humidification performance slightly above average. For comparison, the output of the Levoit Dual 200S is 148 ml, while the Honeywell Cool Moisture humidifier outputs 189 ml. Notably, these two models are within the same price range as the Vicks humidifier.

Placing it in my bedroom, which is about 160 sq. ft and heated, I noticed relief for my dry skin after 3 to 4 hours of operation. This leads me to believe it’s a suitable choice for medium-sized rooms. If your room is smaller, it’s also not an issue because you can adjust the output to a lower setting.

Ease Of Cleaning 9?

This is a filter-free humidifier, meaning that if you frequently fill it with tap water and neglect regular cleaning, it may produce white dust, mold, and bacteria. Hence, it’s crucial to thoroughly clean it every week.

If you still prefer using tap water, I suggest looking into some reliable evaporative models that are better suited for tap water use.

Assuming you’re committed to weekly cleanings, this Vicks filter-free humidifier is generally easy to clean. The water tank has a big opening so that you can easily insert a brush into it for cleaning. The mist tube is also big, allowing me to clean it with a soft cloth.

vicks filter free humidifier review -easy to clean

My unit accumulated some yellow residue at the bottom of the water tank, near the mist tube. I found that a big brush couldn’t easily reach this area. Eventually, I used a test tube brush to successfully remove it.

If the scale proves difficult to remove, adding some vinegar can help.

The base of the unit is relatively shallow, but it’s crucial to remove mineral buildup around the atomizer. Simply adding some vinegar and allowing the base to sit for 20-30 minutes can soften the buildup.

For disinfection purpose, using some bleach will do the trick.

Noise Level 9.5?

ModeSound Level(dB)

Since purchasing numerous humidifiers, I’ve observed that ultrasonic models are typically quiet, so noise is generally not a concern.

Regarding this V4600 model, I noticed it begins to emit some dripping sounds a few minutes into operation. This isn’t an issue for me, but it could potentially disturb light sleepers. Standing close to it, I can also hear some light humming noise, though these are not noticeable when I’m in bed.

vicks filter free humidifier noise level

This isn’t the quietest ultrasonic model out there. I’ve tested many others that produce less noise. For instance, the Levoit Dual 200S clocks in at 37.2 decibels on high mode, and the Crane 4-in-1 measures 34.7 decibels on high. But it is still better for most evaporative models.

Usability 9.65?

vicks filter free humidifier review-usability

Without consulting the instructions, I quickly figured out how to use this humidifier, as the only adjustable feature is the large dial on the front. By turning this knob, I can adjust the mist output from low to high.

handle of vicks filter free humidifier

Meanwhile, there is a handle on the water tank for easy refilling, allowing me to carry the water with a single hand. It was a bit heavy when it was full of water but I was able to manage it.

It doesn’t come with many components – a water tank, a detachable nozzle, and a base, that’s it.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use humidifier, I think it is a perfect one.

Build Quality 10?

vicks filter free humidifier review-build quality

This humidifier is definitely a solid buy. Taking a closer look, I could see that every part is made from thick plastic, even the oil tray part feels strong.

Turning the knob feels super smooth, too. It never jams or gets stuck halfway.

Warranty 9?

Vicks and Honeywell are owned by the same parent company, resulting in similar warranty terms for their products. This Vicks Filter Free humidifier comes with a 3-year warranty, which is longer than most ultrasonic humidifiers. They usually come with a 1-year warranty.

Design and Sizing

vicks filter free humidifier review-design
Mist ModeContinuous (Just turn the knob to easily adjust the mist level from low to high)
Size9.45"D x 10.87"W x 13.46"H
Tank Size4.54L
Weight4 lbs

I wouldn’t describe this humidifier as particularly beautiful, but its blue and white color scheme blends in well without being intrusive. It features a relatively large water tank, allowing for a maximum run time of 30 hours.

The nozzle on the top is quite versatile, capable of rotating 360 degrees and is detachable. In addition to the dial, there’s an oil tray designed for inserting Vicks VapoPads or similar products. However, it’s worth noting that this Vicks humidifier functions perfectly well even without the use of VapoPads.

vicks filter free humidifier review - oil tray

One thing I want to point out is that the indicator light cannot be turned off while the machine is operating, which might be bothersome for some users.

Vicks Filter-Free Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier nightlight


Price Range: $$$$$

The price of this humidifier is on average, but it’s not the most cost-effective option I’ve purchased.

Within the same price range, the Levoit Dual 200S offers app control, a built-in humidistat, and a top-fill feature. Meanwhile, the Taotronics AH-001 also includes a built-in humidistat, a timer, and a sleep mode.

As mentioned, the functionality of this humidifier is basic. You can find a few similar models with a lower price tag.

What Set This Vicks Filter-Free Cool Mist Humidifier Apart?

It is very easy to use.

Not everyone is tech-savvy. Many people prefer simplicity and prioritize the basic function of increasing humidity levels over fancy features.

The single-dial design of this humidifier simplifies its use. It’s particularly user-friendly for individuals with visual impairments, as it eliminates the need to read any text on the device. Simply turning the dial to the right increases the mist output, while turning it to the left decreases it, making operation straightforward and intuitive.

I also appreciate the handle on the water tank. It’s a feature that’s missing in many models with a similar single-dial design, forcing me to use both hands to manage the water tank. This handle makes it much easier to remove or replace the tank with just one hand.

Moreover, it is filterless. You save the time for installing or replacing the filter.

I know many people lack the patience to read through instructions. This device is designed for immediate use, allowing you to operate it right out of the box.

It is built to last.

When cleaning the water tank, holding the tank, or opening the fill cap, I felt that every part of this humidifier is well-made. There aren’t any components that made me feel like I needed to be extra careful to avoid breaking them.

The operation of this humidifier is notably straightforward, indicating a lack of complex electrical components in the base. This design simplicity suggests a reduced likelihood of malfunction.

Finally, it comes with a 3-year warranty, providing peace of mind with the option for free repair or replacement in most scenarios during this period.

However, as with any humidifier, regular maintenance is crucial. Neglecting to clean it regularly could lead to premature failure no matter how well it is built.

Other humidifiers to consider

In this review, I’ve highlighted that this humidifier is suitable for small to medium-sized rooms and that there are more cost-effective options available. Therefore, I’ve selected one more affordable option and another with a higher output for comparison in this section. This will help you make a more informed decision by comparing these two alternatives with the Vicks V4600 humidifier.

For More Cost Effective

Levoit Dual 200S Smart Humidifier

This model is a smart humidifier that also features a top-fill design, a built-in humidistat and is compatible with essential oils. However, it comes with only a 2-year warranty.

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levoit dual 200s humidifier featured image

For Better Humidification Performance

Vornado EVDC500 Energy Smart Evaporative Humidifier

This humidifier is better suited for larger spaces and is easy to clean. It can automatically adjust the fan speed to save energy, and it includes a built-in humidistat.

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Vornado EVDC500 Energy Smart Evaporative Humidifier review

Who Should Buy This Humidifier? 

Vicks Filter-Free Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

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Vicks Filter-Free Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier review

This humidifier is a great choice for those who appreciate simplicity, thanks to its single-dial design. It’s also an excellent option for individuals seeking a humidifier compatible with Vicks VapoPads or similar products.

Its ability to operate continuously for extended periods makes it suitable for use with plants as well.

However, as an ultrasonic and filterless humidifier, it may not be ideal for those who cannot commit to frequent cleaning. It is likely to produce white dust and become clogged over time. Additionally, without a built-in humidistat, there’s a risk of causing condensation if left unattended.

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