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Canopy Humidifier Review: Is It Worth Buying?

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Compact Size; Charming Design; Diffuser Function; Auto-Dry Function; Dishwasher-Safe.


  • It is dishwasher-safe.

  • It is hard to produce odors.

  • It looks great.


  • It is expensive.

  • It is loud on high mode.

  • The auto dry function remains active until the machine is completely dry and can't be turned off beforehand.

  • It is only for small spaces.


133 ml/h (our test result)







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Chic and Compact: This evaporative humidifier impresses with its ease of cleaning and thoughtful features like UV light and auto-dry function. However, its output is somewhat limited for the price point, making it ideal for those with smaller spaces and a flexible budget.

Why you can trust this review: I purchased this Canopy bedside humidifier with our own money, took pictures, and spent three weeks testing it for its noise level, output, and humidification performance.

Canopy is a well-known brand in the humidifier industry, and their products often catch my eye on social media due to their extensive marketing efforts.

Unlike many other manufacturers who prioritize functionality over aesthetics, Canopy pays more attention to the appearance of their products. Their humidifiers come in a variety of beautiful colors, which is quite refreshing.

Many of my friends are drawn to the appearance of Canopy humidifiers, but they hesitate due to the price tag. Perhaps you’re in the same boat. After incorporating a Canopy humidifier into my bedroom routine for three weeks, I’m prepared to share my insights with you.

Canopy Bedside Humidifier Ratings Breakdown

Humidification Performance 8.5?

Canopy humidifier output compare - 1

While aesthetic appeal is important, when it comes to purchasing a humidifier, humidification performance always takes precedence.

Upon inspecting the Canopy humidifier, its relatively small size led me to anticipate that its humidification performance might not be robust.

While this isn’t always the case, in my experience, humidifiers with smaller water tanks tend to have lower output.

After testing, my suspicions were confirmed. The output measured around 133 ml, which is relatively low compared to other evaporative humidifiers I’ve tested.

For instance, my Honeywell Cool Moisture outputs 189 ml, and the Vornado EVDC500 outputs 250 ml.

During testing, the ambient humidity was around 40% which is not exactly dry. As an evaporative model, it can evaporate more water in dry climates under the same fan speed.

So you can expect it to perform better in your house if you live in an arid area, but it’s best not to set overly high expectations though.

When using it in my 160 sq. ft. bedroom, I’ve noticed some relief after a night of sleep. However, my room never becomes overly humidified, regardless of how long I’ve run the machine.

Based on my calculations, it’s best suited for rooms no larger than 144 sq. ft. to ensure its effectiveness, and definitely not exceeding 175 sq. ft.

If you live in a colder area, I suggest using it in an even smaller space.

While it claims to be able to cover up to 500 sq. ft., I believe it’s only a good choice for small spaces.

Ease Of Cleaning 9?

canopy humidifier review-cleaning

Evaporative humidifiers are generally easier to maintain than ultrasonic models because they come with a wick filter that removes impurities from the water.

They’re less likely to break due to neglectful cleaning, unlike ultrasonic models where the diaphragm can get clogged and the whole unit stop working if you don’t change the water regularly.

With this Canopy humidifier, you can get away with cleaning it just once a week and refilling the water only when it’s completely empty. Ultrasonic models, on the other hand, need their water changed daily to prevent any funky odors.

This humidifier is similar to the Honeywell Cool Moisture humidifier as they are both dishwasher safe. However, the body part is not included because the motor part is located there.

I’ve given it a hand wash, and it’s been smooth sailing. The plastic is super smooth, so a damp cloth is all you need to wipe away any grime.

It also has a UV light inside to kill bacteria. However, it is hard for me to know its effect. I think it could be helpful to some extent.

Now, unlike the Honeywell Cool Moisture humidifier, accessing the blades of this one is a piece of cake. Just flip it upside down, and you’ve got a clear view of the blades. I’ve had no trouble giving them a good clean with a small brush or a damp cloth.

The only downside is that there’s an iron grate between the grill on top and the fan blades, and it’s a pain to get to without a screwdriver.

Dust can accumulate there over time, making it a nightmare to clean in the future unless you’ve got some canned air handy.

But the plus version seems to have ditched this design flaw, which is a big win in my book.

There’s a handy light that reminds us when it’s time to change the wick filter.

Since these filters aren’t exactly cheap, I’ve made it a habit to dry the wick whenever the machine isn’t in use to prevent mold growth. It’s a simple trick that helps extend the lifespan of the filter.

Noise Level 7?

ModeSound Level(dB)

I’ve mentioned earlier that evaporative humidifiers are easier to maintain. However, compared to ultrasonic humidifiers, they tend to be louder.

Typically, an ultrasonic model produces noise levels ranging from 35 dB to 42 dB, while an evaporative humidifier can reach 60+ dB.

Although the manufacturer labels this unit as a “bedside humidifier,” I don’t recommend placing it directly by your bedside, as it can reach noise levels as high as 65.6 dB on its loudest setting. Even on medium, it can be as loud as 56.9 dB.

It’s better to position it 1.5 to 2 meters away for a quieter experience. Even though I’m not a light sleeper, I still find it uncomfortable to have it running right by my bedside.

While you might think to use the low mode to reduce noise, it can’t produce enough humidity for the space on this mode, so I don’t usually recommend it.

This Canopy humidifier is only slightly quieter than the Vornado EVDC500 (66.1 dB) but louder than the Honeywell Cool Moisture (59.3 dB).

canopy bedside humidifier noise level

However, the good news is that I found the sound to be more pleasant compared to the Honeywell model.

The noise is mainly from the airflow and sounds stable, whereas with the Honeywell, it’s mixed with the humming sound of the fan motor, which isn’t as pleasant.

Usability 9.65?

canopy humidifier review-usability

This humidifier is really easy to use straight out of the box. After removing the stickers and filling the water tank, it’s good to go. It doesn’t have any traditional manual but there are two sticker on the machine to tell you what you should do.

There is a large handle on the water tank, and since the tank itself is small, carrying it when it’s full of water is effortless.

Interestingly, I found that I didn’t even need to press the “turn on/off” button because it automatically activates the auto mode when connected to the power source. In fact, there’s only one button on the top of the body part, but there are 7 lights to indicate what’s happening with the machine.

For instance, I can select the fan speed mode from low, medium, and high to auto by pressing the power button. There’s also a light to remind me when it’s time to replace the filter or if the water level is too low. The first light doesn’t light up, but it’s actually a light sensor.

If you set the mode to auto, you’ll see the power of this sensor as it automatically changes the fan speed to low during the day and switches to medium when it can’t detect sunlight.

Don’t worry, the light will automatically turn off after a while, so it won’t disturb your sleep at all.

One thing I want to remind you of is not to try moving the machine when there’s any water in the tank. The water tray is quite shallow and has many small gaps where water can easily spill out. I learned this the hard way and ended up with wet clothes.

canopy humidifier water tray

Build Quality 10?

This gadget comes with a hefty price tag compared to many other models on the market, especially considering its small size.

However, upon closer inspection, I have to admit it’s well-made. The water tank is crafted from a slightly softer plastic, reminiscent of the tank in the Honeywell Cool Moisture model. Other parts are made from sturdier plastic that feels thick and durable.

Using it instills a sense of confidence in me. I don’t worry too much about it breaking if I accidentally drop it once or twice. Even the wick seems to be of better quality than those I’ve encountered with Vornado and Honeywell models.

While the wicks are still made of paper, they appear to be more durable.

Warranty 8.5?

I ordered this humidifier from their official website, and the customer service process went smoothly. However, since I haven’t encountered any issues yet, I’m not sure how responsive they would be if the machine runs into any problems.

It’s worth noting that many evaporative humidifiers I’ve tested come with 2-year or 5-year warranties. However, this machine only has a 1-year warranty, which is in line with many ultrasonic models.

Design and Sizing

design of canopy humidifier
Mist ModeLow, Med, High, Auto
ColorMultiple Colors Available
Size10.7"D x 7.4"W x 11"H
Tank Size2.5L
Weight3.56 lbs

The size of this Canopy humidifier is small, which sets it apart from most evaporative models. Many evaporative models I’ve tested tend to be bulky, which often leads people to opt for ultrasonic models instead.

Meanwhile, this model has a very small footprint, making it perfect for placement on a bedside table, although it’s not quiet enough to be placed directly beside where you sleep.

With a water tank capacity of only 2.5L, it can continue to run for more than 18 hours on high mode. I’ve found that it can be used for a few days because I don’t always need to run it on high mode, as it can be too loud.

I particularly like the color options available. I chose the green one, but there are plenty of colors to choose from. All the colors are very light, giving it a cute and beautiful appearance without feeling cold. The combination of white, semi-transparent water tank, and the light green color makes it quite appealing to the eye.

There is a small flat surface on the body part’s grill. This is designed for placing the aroma puck that comes with the essential oil.


Price Range: $$$$$

Electricity Cost: $3.43 per year (365*8 hours on high mode)

Extra cost: wick replacement (every six weeks)

In the same price range, there are many models that offer higher output and more advanced features.

However, sometimes it’s worth paying a bit extra for something that brings aesthetic satisfaction. Since this humidifier looks beautiful, it’s reasonable to invest a little more in it. But it is definitely not a cost-effective option.

The wattage is quite low. Even on high mode, it only consumes 5.1 watts. For comparison, the Honeywell model can consume up to 42.9 watts. This means the electricity bill remains minimal.

canopy humidifier wick filter

However, one thing to keep in mind is the regular replacement of the wick, which can add up to a significant cost over time. If you use it daily, you might need to replace 9 to 10 filters per year, which could amount to almost the cost of a whole new unit.

What Set This Canopy Humidifier Apart?

Auto Drying Function

Initially, I didn’t know this machine had an auto-drying function because its manual is very simple and doesn’t provide much information about it.

I still remember the first time I turned off the machine, something unexpected happened because it started to work again.

I thought maybe I made a mistake, so I walked over to it and pressed the turn-off button again.

However, the machine restarted after a while. I thought maybe the machine was broken, but then I decided to search online until I found out that it was the auto-drying mode.

This mode automatically activates as long as the machine is connected to the power source and the water tray has water in it. It’s designed to prevent mold and bad smells, which could be a useful function.

For example, it can continue to work during the day while you’re out at work.

However, if you don’t want to unplug the machine but still want to enjoy some peace and quiet, this function could be annoying.

This is not a standard function for humidifiers. The only model I have tested that has such a function is the Smartmi 2.


Adding tap water to evaporative humidifiers is safer because the wick can filter out debris, and it doesn’t lead to the formation of white dust, thanks to natural evaporation.

However, it doesn’t mean you can skip cleaning entirely. Having dishwasher-safe components is a real plus for this machine, as it saves you some effort and time.

While the body part isn’t dishwasher safe, saving time on cleaning the water tank and tray is still worth it.

This feature isn’t very common in humidifiers these days. The only other model I’ve seen with a similar feature is the Honeywell Cool Moisture humidifier. But its parts are larger, which asks for a larger dishwasher.

Unique Diffuser Design

canopy humidifier diffusion function

Because I bought a bundle, I received a few bottles of essential oil as well. Browsing through Canopy’s website, I could tell they put a lot of effort into selling their essential oils too. They have diffusers and essential oils for sale on their site.

Each bottle of essential oil comes with a diffuser puck that fits perfectly on the top grill of the body part.

With the airflow, the essential oil can spread throughout the room. In my experience, adding five drops or more of essential oil does the trick. However, the airflow alone can’t distribute the aroma very effectively.

When I place the diffusion puck independently on my desk, I can smell the aroma in the room after a while. But with the humidifier, its effect is stronger, though only slightly.

Other humidifiers to consider

In this section, I’ve chosen both an evaporative model and an ultrasonic model. One offers superior humidification performance while the other comes at a more affordable price point. I believe these two alternatives could also be great options for you to consider.

For Cheaper Price

Taotronics TT-AH038 Cool Mist BPA-free Humidifier

This model shares a similar size with the Canopy humidifier but comes with a much lower price tag. It's an ultrasonic humidifier with a generously sized water tank opening, which makes cleaning a breeze. Additionally, it boasts an appealing design and is made from BPA-free material, making it a suitable choice for households with kids.

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Taotronics TT-AH038 Cool Mist BPA-free Humidifier review

For Better Performance

Honeywell HCM-350 Cool Moisture Humidifier

This model offers the convenience of being dishwasher safe, along with a higher output and a more affordable price compared to the Canopy humidifier. However, it is notably bulkier and may emit a humming noise during operation.

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Who Should Buy This Humidifier? 

Canopy Bedside Humidifier

View on AmazonView on Canopy

# We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Canopy Bedside Humidifier review

This humidifier is perfect if you’re all about style and don’t mind splurging a bit for a good-looking gadget. It adds a nice touch to any room with its sleek design.

Since it’s an evaporative humidifier, it’s great for folks with asthma or allergies because it doesn’t spread mold or bacteria around. Plus, you can use tap water without worrying, thanks to its wick and natural evaporation system.

It’s also kid-friendly with its cool mist and safe design—no sharp edges to worry about. And hey, you can even grab some essential oil packs from their website to set the mood.

But if you’ve got a big space or want something more budget-friendly, you might want to check out other options.

If you have any questions about buying a humidifier, feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected] or leave a comment below!

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