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levoit humidifier not working

Levoit Humidifier Not Working? A Complete Troubleshooting Guide

Levoit offers a wide range of humidifiers and has become one of the most popular brands in the market. I remember how panicking I was when I saw one of my Levoit humidifiers stop working, but it turned out to be minimal errors that were easy to fix.

If your Levoit humidifier is not working, don’t worry. Usually, it is due to the indoor humidity being too high, or the machine being clogged. But there is more than that.

In this post, I will provide a summary of the common issues and their solutions so that you can easily troubleshoot and fix your lovely Levoit humidifier on your own.

No need to pay for a technician, as I’ve got you covered!

Levoit humidifier doesn’t turn on

Usually, there are three reasons why your Levoit humidifier doesn’t turn on or turns off unexpectedly. 

1. The indoor humidity level is too high.

Most Levoit humidifiers have a built-in humidistat that can detect the humidity level automatically. When the auto mode is ON, it will shut off automatically or not turn on to avoid the room becoming over-humidified. 

How to fix it?

You can change the target humidity level setting on the APP or control panel. Alternatively, turn off the auto mode and choose another mist level. 

2. Power supply issue

levoit humidifier can't turn on

If there is no power coming into the humidifier, it won’t turn on, and several components could be responsible for the lack of power and functionality, including the outlet, power cord, and compressor. 

How to fix it?

Plug another household appliance into the outlet to check if it is working. If it functions correctly, the problem may lie with your Levoit humidifier. If the outlet is not working, try plugging your Levoit humidifier into another known working outlet.

Issues with the power cord or compressor can be challenging to fix on your own. I suggest contacting customer support or a qualified technician for assistance. It’s important to note that Levoit provides a 1-year warranty.

Levoit humidifier doesn’t produce mist 

Sometimes, the display of your Levoit humidifier may be ON, but the humidifier doesn’t emit any mist, or the mist level is extremely low. There are a few issues that can cause this problem.

1. Your Levoit humidifier runs out of water

levoit humidifier doesn't produce mist

As far as I know, all the Levoit humidifiers have an auto shut-off feature. When the water level goes down to a certain point, it will stop producing mist. Usually, the red light will illuminate at the same time.

How to fix it?

Fill the water tank with clean water and wait for one minute, the machine will work again.

2. The diaphragm is clogged.

If you like to add tap water to your humidifier, there is a high likelihood that the diaphragm might become clogged. Mineral deposits present in the water can settle and accumulate around the diaphragm, preventing it from vibrating properly.

As a result, the humidifier may fail to produce mist or have reduced mist output.

How to fix it

Pour 3 cups of white vinegar into the tank and let it sit for 20 minutes to loosen the scale in the tank and reservoir. Then use a little brush to remove all the buildup and rinse it with water. 

3. The water temperature is too low

Some Levoit humidifiers can produce both warm and cool mists, such as the 600HH and 600S models. If you choose the warm mist mode, it will not produce mist immediately because it needs a few minutes to heat the water.

How to fix it?

Just be patient, and you can enjoy the warm mist coming out of your Levoit humidifier.

4. The water filter is clogged.

Even though most Levoit humidifiers are ultrasonic humidifiers, many of them are filtered. The filter is often located above the water outlet valve of the water tank. When it becomes clogged, the water can’t get into the water chamber, which impedes mist production.

How to fix it?

Soak the water filter in a container filled with vinegar for about 20 minutes, then rinse it with clean water, and finally, replace the water filter to see if the issue is alleviated.

5. The nozzle is blocked 

The nozzle is the place where the mist comes out. When it is blocked or clogged, the mist will not be able to get into the air.

How to fix it?

Remove anything that clogs the nozzle and change the placement of your humidifier to make sure it is away from the wall.

Levoit humidifier makes a loud noise

The operation of Levoit humidifiers is usually quiet. When it starts to make noise, you should take action. 

The most common reason why it makes excessive noise is that it is not placed on a level surface. Another possible reason is that the compressor is malfunctioning. 

How to fix it?

First, place your humidifier on a level surface. If it doesn’t work, please contact the manufacturer or technician. 

Levoit humidifier is leaking 

Sometimes, you may notice a puddle of water around your machine. You know it is leaking but you don’t know where the water comes from. Don’t worry, there are three main causes.

1. Condensation on the machine. 

Condensation can happen when the air is too humid.

Generally speaking, the mist from the ultrasonic humidifier will create a slightly more humid area than the ambient environment, making condensation on the casing of your humidifier even more likely to occur.

How to fix it?

Wipe off the water on the humidifier and place your humidifier in a dry area to see if the problem is solved. 

2. The water tank has a crack. 

Personally, I have three Levoit humidifiers, and all of them are well-built. However, if you have a naughty child or pet at home, it is possible that they may accidentally knock over your machine, causing it to develop cracks. Cracks can also occur due to transportation mishaps.

How to fix it?

Don’t waste your time trying to fix it on your own. Contact the manufacturer to see if you can get a replacement.

3. The silicone sealing ring is not secured

There is a silicone sealing ring around the water outlet valve. When it is not secured, the water can seep into the water chamber even when the chamber is full. As a result, the water will leak out, getting everything wet. 

How to fix it?

Remove the water filter on the top and then adjust the replacement of the silicone ring to ensure it is secured.

Levoit humidifier has a bad smell 

Sometimes, your Levoit humidifier doesn’t exactly stop working, but the bad smell is so awful that you can’t keep using it.

If you have a brand-new machine, the smell may come from the plastic components. Also, check the aroma pad. Have you forgotten to clean it for a long time? The mold and bacteria inside the machine could also be the source of the bad smell.

How to fix it? 

No matter what the source is, your best bet is to give your humidifier a thorough clean. You can add some vinegar to the water tank and chamber to descale it. It is also important to clean the water filter and aroma pad separately. 

Check here to know how to clean a Levoit humidifier step by step

Levoit humidifier can’t connect to the VeSync app 

Once you can control your Levoit from your phone, you won’t want to control it through the panel anymore. However, sometimes, a broken connection can stop your machine from working.

The Bluetooth, password, network, and distance can all play a role in affecting the connection. 

How to fix it?

Please check if the Bluetooth is ON, and ensure that the Wi-Fi password is correct. Then, browse the web on your phone to see if the network is working.

If none of the solutions are effective, you can press and hold the power button for 15 seconds to reset your Levoit humidifier and try to connect it again.

Sum up 

This post has summarized the most common issues that can cause a Levoit humidifier to stop working. As you can see, in most cases, these problems can be easily fixed.

When using a Levoit humidifier, please set the target humidity below 55% and clean it regularly. Doing so can prevent most problems that may develop over time.

I hope this guide helps. 

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