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levoit humidifier red light

Levoit Humidifier Red Light: What It Means and How to Fix It?

Life experience teaches us that a red light usually indicates that something is wrong, and it can make us feel nervous. However, when you see the red light on your Levoit humidifier staying on, you can actually feel relaxed because it is easy to fix.

When you see a red light on a Levoit humidifier, it is likely that it runs out of water or is not placed on a level surface. A clogged filter can also lead to it. 

Personally, I have owned 3 Levoit humidifiers. I will explain all the causes and guide you on how to fix and prevent them in the following sections. 

Let’s get started!

What does the red light on a Levoit humidifier mean?

Many Levoit models include a red, waterdrop-shaped icon on their control panels. When this icon starts blinking, it serves as a reminder that there is an issue or something wrong with the machine.

1. It runs out of water 

In most cases, the red light means that the water level in your Levoit humidifier is too low. Meanwhile, you will notice that your Levoit unit stops working

To prevent any possible havoc, all the Levoit humidifier has an auto shut-off feature. When the water sensor detects the low water level, it signals the machine to halt mist production and activates the red light as a notification.

2. It is not situated on a flat or even surface

Have you changed the placement recently? When the humidifier is not placed on a level surface, the water sensor can’t judge the water level correctly, making the red light turns on even if the water chamber is full of water.

3. The water filter is clogged

While Levoit seems only make ultrasonic humidifiers, their products often need to work with a filter. The filter is often located on the bottom of the water tank and can work to filter out some impurities in the water. 

When it is clogged, the water in the tank can’t go through the filter and get into the tank. As a result, the red light will blink even if the water tank is filled with water.

4. The float is malfunctioning 

When you remove the water tank, you can find a float in the chamber. This float works as a water sensor in the Levoit humidifier. When it gets stuck due to incorrect installation or too much mineral buildup, it will malfunction and lose the capability to detect the water level.

How to turn off the red light on a Levoit humidifier?

Until now, you have known all the possible causes of red light in your Levoit humidifier. Let’s start to learn how to fix it. 

Turn Off The Red Light On A Levoit Humidifier?

1. Refill your Levoit humidifier 

Take a look at the water tank to check if it is empty. Perhaps your life has been busy lately.

Refill the tank with clean water and wait a few seconds for the water to flow into the water reservoir. Once this is done, the humidifier will resume producing mist, and the red light will automatically turn off.

2. Change the placement

Do you have another table nearby? Please move your machine there and try again. Once its water chamber is placed on a flat surface, the float can function properly and signal the red light to shut off.

3. Clean or replace the water filter

Unlike the wick filter in an evaporative humidifier, filters in the Levoit ultrasonic humidifiers look like sponges. You can take it out and soak it in the vinegar for half an hour to remove the buildup. 

If the water filter has been used for a while, it is time to replace it. After all, the replacement is quite cheap.

4. Clean and reinstall the float

Don’t be afraid of removing the float. It is easy-peasy! Just follow these easy steps: gently pull up the float, then pull the shaft out of the bracket, and you’re all set.

Then you can proceed to clean it by either rinsing it under running water or soaking it in vinegar for about 20 minutes. Once it’s clean, simply put the float back in its place. 

How to prevent the red light from showing up again?

You see, the red light doesn’t mean any serious issue with your Levoit humidifier. However,  it is better to avoid it so as to extend the lifespan of your machine. Fortunately, there are some effective and simple ways to achieve it.

Empty the tank and refill your humidifier every day 

The running time of most Levoit humidifiers exceeds 24 hours. However, I suggest you refill it every day. For example, you can refill your machine every morning. 

In this way, your humidifier will never run out of water. Besides, as you know, stagnant water can become the breeding ground for mold and bacteria. The mineral deposit can also turn out to be the buildup.

By emptying and refilling the humidifier every day, the water filter is not easy to get clogged.

Clean the humidifier regularly 

Changing the water regularly is not enough to remove all the contaminants from the machine. You need to clean it every one or two weeks. Vinegar is effective for descaling, and using a soft cloth and brush can help remove any remaining residues.

Always place your humidifier in the same place

Since uneven surfaces can cause red light blinks, you can prevent it from happening by placing your humidifier in the same place. 

In conclusion 

Fixing a Levoit humidifier that blinks a red light is not too difficult. Usually, the red light will disappear when you add more water to your machine. However, it could also be caused by incorrect placement, a clogged filter, or a malfunctioning float.

By following the solutions I provided above, I am sure you can get your Levoit model back to life quickly.

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