Why Is My Taotronics Humidifier Not Working? A Troubleshooting Guide

Taotronics humidifiers are of high quality and long-lasting. But like any electronic device, they can go wrong at some point in your life.

Don’t be perplexed if your Taotronics humidifier is not working. Humidifiers do not involve many complicated mechanisms, meaning that you can fix them in many cases.

This troubleshooting guide covers the most common problems with Taotronics humidifiers. Read on, and you will find ways to fix the specific issue with your humidifier.

Taotronics humidifiers produce reduced or no mist

This is a problem that can occur with any humidifier, and the culprit is usually mineral deposits that build up in the reservoir.

When there are too many sediments around the membrane, it loses its ability to vibrate normally. If you have a warm mist humidifier, mineral accumulation can adhere to the heating elements, reducing heat conductivity. Both of these scenarios can result in the humidifier emitting less or no mist.

Other possible causes include low water level, low mist level, and overfilled base. 

How to fix it?

1. To remove slime and scale, use white vinegar. Fill the tank halfway with a 1-to-1 solution of white vinegar and lukewarm water.

Put the tank back so that the solution can flow into the reservoir. Let the solution sit for half an hour, then rinse it off. 

You can test if the problem is addressed. Otherwise, you need to repeat this process.

I have a guide about cleaning Taotronics humidifiers, here it is.

2. Pour distilled water into the tank. Because distilled water is mineral-free, it is difficult for deposits to form in the tank. A demineralization cartridge can be used as a workaround.

3. Examine the water level. You can refill the tank if it is low.

4. Increase the mist level to the maximum setting to see if the problem is resolved.

5. Drain the reservoir and replace the water tank.

Taotronics humidifier light is off

When light is off, it indicates that something is wrong with the power source.

Taotronics humidifiers, unlike other brands’ models, use a power adapter that must be connected to the machine and an outlet separately.

taotronics humidifier adapter

That is, whichever connection fails, the humidifier will not function. Besides, when the machine is broken, the light will turn off as well. 

How to fix it?

You must inspect the outlet, adaptor, cord, and machine. Plug another electronic device in to see if the outlet is operational.

When the outlet is operational, make sure the adapter cord is securely connected to the input port and no cracks in the cord.

When all other possibilities have been exhausted, you must contact customer service to determine how to repair the machine.

Taotronics humidifier red light stays on 

Taotronics humidifiers have an auto shut-off feature that activates when the reservoir’s water level is low. The red light will illuminate simultaneously to serve as a reminder to users.

Sometimes, the humidifier stops working with the red light stays on even though the tank is full. This could happen when the water floater is stuck. Because the floater cannot accurately detect the water level, the machine incorrectly believes it has run out of water.

taotronics humidifier floater not working

How to fix it?

1. Refill the water tank and allow it to drain into the reservoir.

2. Turn the water tank upside down and adjust the reservoir’s water floater. Make sure it is in a horizontal position. You can add some water to the reservoir to see if it can float up with water.

Taotronics humidifier is leaking 

taotronics humidifier leaking

Wherever there is a crevice, your Taotronics humidifier can start to leak. Initially, there is a rubbing sealing ring on the tank cap and a spring on the tank bottom. Any of these two missing parts will cause water to go out. 

taotronics humidifier spring
taotronics humidifier tank cap sealing ring

Aside from that, you should check the possible cracks in the tank. Another mistake people often make is that they don’t put the tank on the base correctly. 

How to fix it?

1. Verify that the ring and spring are properly positioned. If the sealing ring and spring are no longer available, obtain a replacement from the seller or manufacturer.

2. Get a new water tank when it is damaged.

3. Lift the water tank and then put it on the base again.

Taotronics humidifier mist height is low

When the mist is dispersed, it usually rises to a certain height in the air to avoid getting things nearby wet.

When the mist is low, it is most likely due to the water saturation of the air. Because the air is heavy, the mist cannot rise as high as usual. Besides, the mist height will be limited when the air inlet is blocked. 

taotronics humidifier mist height low

How to fix it?

1. When the temperature goes down, the relative humidity will increase as it can’t hold as much water as before. You should either reduce the mist level or raise the temperature of the room.

2. Opening the door or window allows excess moisture in the room to escape.

3. Move your Taotronics humidifier to another place with sufficient airflow. 

Wrapping up 

This post explains the most common problems with Taotronics humidifiers. If your Taotraonics humidifier stops working, you can use the advice in this post to troubleshoot it on your own.

In short, your appliance will not fail quickly if you commit to routine cleaning, secure every part in its place, and refill the water on time.

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