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Should I Run A Fan With A Dehumidifier

Should I Run A Fan With A Dehumidifier Together? [Solved!]

Controlling the air quality at home is not as easy as many assume. We often spend a bunch of money on various appliances to combat dampness, dryness, and odor.

Since a fan and a dehumidifier are common devices to address air issues, many people are curious about if they can work together. 

Yes, you can run a fan with a dehumidifier. Using them together can promote air circulation, make the room feel cooler, and lower the humidity level more quickly. However, using them at the same time is not always necessary and may lead to some adverse effects.

In this post, I will elaborate on the relationship between fans and dehumidifiers to help you decide whether you should run these two devices simultaneously.

Why can you run a fan with a dehumidifier?

As I mentioned above, you can run a fan with a dehumidifier. This is because they have different functionality, which will not interrupt each other. 

A fan has been used as a tool to promote air circulation for a long time, even though there are various types of fans nowadays.

By rotating the blades, it can create airflow, which helps prevent the air from going stale. It can also make the room feel cooler because the airflow can boost sweat evaporation.

A dehumidifier, unlike a fan, is designed to control indoor humidity by removing excess moisture from the air. It has a built-in fan, but it is primarily used to draw air into the machine rather than circulate it.

The wet air will convert to drier air after getting through the dehumidifier. When more and more air has gone through this process, the humidity level in the room will drop. 

As a fan will not increase the moisture in the air, and a dehumidifier will not slow down the airflow, we can draw the conclusion that using them together should be fine. 

How do a fan and a dehumidifier work together?

Now that you already know using a fan and a dehumidifier is not problematic let’s explore what will happen if you turn on them together. 

Improve the efficiency of your dehumidifier 

A dehumidifier works by drawing the surrounding air into the machine, meaning that it will take longer for air away from the device to be dehumidified even though the air will move naturally. 

This is not a big deal in a small room, but it could be an issue when placing a dehumidifier in a large space. 

With the help of a fan, the moisture particles can disperse quicker and evenly in the room. That’s why using a fan with a humidifier is recommended. This also applies to a dehumidifier, despite the fact that it works in the opposite direction of a humidifier.

It causes the moisture particles in the corner to disperse to the machine, allowing the dehumidifier to reduce humidity in less time. As a result, your dehumidifier’s efficiency has increased, and you may save money on energy consumption because it can complete its task faster.

Make your room feel cooler 

a fan and a dehumidifier make room feel cooler

A dehumidifier can make the room feel cooler, and so does the fan. Therefore, when they work together, they can make you feel even more comfortable. 

Different from an air conditioner, these two devices can’t really lower the room temperature because there is no heat change between outside and inside when the windows are closed. 

They can, however, keep us cool by promoting perspiration evaporation. A dehumidifier reduces overall indoor humidity, while a fan replaces the air around your skin with cooler, drier air.

Can a fan cancel out a dehumidifier?

You may be wondering if a fan can cancel out a dehumidifier. Yes, but only when using a fan with the windows open. We will not likely run them together in this condition because it is best to use a dehumidifier with the windows closed.

When the windows are open and the weather is humid outside, the fan can draw moisture into the room, making it difficult for your dehumidifier to reduce the indoor humidity level. It can bring more fresh air to the home but will cancel out a dehumidifier. 

It also means that we only recommend you use a dehumidifier with a regular fan, like a ceiling fan or a console fan. If you use an exhaust fan with a dehumidifier in the same room in summer, the humid air outdoor will disperse into the house. 

But you can open your exhaust fan after a shower when the indoor humidity is too high. 

Possible adverse effects of using a fan with a dehumidifier

If you have decided to try this combo because of the benefits I mentioned above, hold on a second. There are some drawbacks you should be aware of.

Make more noise

One of the disadvantages of dehumidifiers is that they make noise. Some models can generate up to 50dB of noise. When you turn on a fan, the noise level rises, potentially disrupting your sleep.

You can solve this issue by purchasing models that claim to be quiet.

Time-consuming maintenance 

To ensure the best performance, both the dehumidifier and fan should be cleaned regularly. Over time, the blades on the fan will accumulate dust and dirt and the air filter on the dehumidifier will be clogged. You need to spend more time maintaining them. 

A waste of money

Using a fan and dehumidifier together may not be necessary for a small room. The dehumidifier is already powerful enough to tackle the humidity problem easily, meaning that adding a fan will not make much difference. 


Should you use a fan with a dehumidifier? It depends.

While using them together can make the room feel colder and allow the dehumidifier to reduce humidity faster, it will make more noise and extend your cleaning time.

Keep the windows closed to prevent the fan from affecting the performance of your dehumidifier. Meanwhile, using them in a small room may not be more effective than using a dehumidifier alone.

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