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Pure Enrichment Humidifier Not Working? A Complete Troubleshooting Guide

Pure Enrichment is a popular humidifier brand in the market. Many people like their products because it is beautiful and affordable. However, these humidifiers are still not “perfect”, they can go wrong at some point. 

If your Pure Enrichment humidifier is not working, there are a few potential reasons. It could be due to running out of water or the disk being excessively dirty. However, other factors could also be at play.

Within this troubleshooting guide, I’ll address the majority of issues you might encounter while using a Pure Enrichment humidifier and offer the appropriate solutions.

Let’s dive right in!

Pure Enrichment humidifier isn’t producing mist and the light can’t turn on 

pure enrichment humidifier no mist

My first step is always to press the power button in the middle of the base. If it doesn’t blink any color of light and I can’t hear the air blowing, it is a sign that there is something wrong with the power.  Both the humidifier itself and the power source connected could be the cause.

It is not receiving any power

Humidifiers are electronic devices. If your Pure Enrichment unit can’t receive power, it will not work. 

The culprits here could be a power cord that’s not fully plugged in or an unresponsive outlet. There’s also the chance of a neighborhood power cut playing spoilsport.

How to fix it?

Inspect other electronic devices in the room to determine if there is a power outage.

Stand by the outlet linked to your humidifier, unplug it, and then plug it back in.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, attempt to plug your humidifier into a different outlet.

Issues with electronic components

At the base’s bottom, you’ll find a motor housing that contains various electrical components. These components collaborate to ensure the proper functioning of your humidifier.

If any of them is malfunctioning, your humidifier will stop working. 

How to fix it?

If your humidifier is still under warranty, I recommend reaching out to the manufacturer to inquire about a replacement.

However, if the warranty has expired, it might be a good idea to seek assistance from a qualified technician. Alternatively, if your humidifier is quite old, investing in a new unit could be a more practical solution. 

Pure Enrichment is not working but the red light is ON 

pure enrichment humidifier not working-red light

At times, you may encounter a situation where your humidifier has stopped functioning, but the power button indicates a red light. Don’t be alarmed by the presence of the red light. Based on my experience, it could be the easiest problem to solve.

It runs out of water 

Since I have tested dozens of humidifiers, I notice that most humidifiers will use the red light to remind users that the water level is too low. 

How to fix it

Unplug your humidifier and refill the water tank. When the water gets into the base through the water valve, the red light will turn off automatically and it will start to work again.

The water tank is clogged 

I have written a post to discuss how to clean a Pure Enrichment humidifier properly. In the article, I address the challenge of cleaning the water tank, which can be a bit tricky due to its small opening and unique shape.

When your water tank becomes excessively dirty, the accumulated deposits might obstruct the water valve, hindering the flow of water into the base.

How to fix it?

Create a mixture using equal parts of water and vinegar. Pour this solution into the tank and let it sit for about half an hour. Then, utilize a small brush, such as a test tube brush, to scrub away any residue.

In case you encounter particularly stubborn deposits that are challenging to remove, consider repeating the process and allowing the solution to sit for an extended period.

Pure Enrichment humidifier doesn’t produce mist but the air is blowing 

When the air is blowing, you can ensure that there is nothing wrong with the electrical components. However, if you’re experiencing a lack of or limited mist output, there might be other factors at play.

The disk is clogged 

A humidifier generates mist by utilizing high-speed vibrations of a disk to break down water into fine particles.

When the disk becomes clogged, its ability to vibrate rapidly diminishes, resulting in a reduction in mist production.

How to fix it?

As per the manual of my Pure Enrichment humidifier, it’s advised to clean the disk using the small brush provided in the package. Avoid attempting to scrub or scrape it.

Once again, if you come across any stubborn residue on the disk that’s difficult to remove, you can try pouring a bit of vinegar onto it to help loosen it up.

The water is too cold  

If you happen to be living in a hot and dry area, you might be tempted to use cold water to cool your room through the humidifier. Yet, it’s important to note that extremely cold water can actually interfere with the humidifier’s normal operation.

How to fix it?

Simply pour out the cold water and refill the humidifier with regular water.

Pure Enrichment humidifier is leaking 

pure enrichment humidifier leaking

After a long day of hard work, you might come home to discover your humidifier sitting in a puddle of water. There are various reasons why a portable humidifier is leaking from the bottom, but two primary causes are particularly common with Pure Enrichment models.

Condensation on the outer surface 

Ultrasonic humidifiers have a tendency to create a localized area of high humidity around the unit.

When the humidity level becomes excessively high in this area, condensation forms and the resulting moisture can lead to water droplets falling onto nearby surfaces, such as a table.

How to fix it?

Wipe off the condensate and lower the mist level setting. 

Cracks on the water tank or base

Have you ever dropped your humidifier on the floor? There may be some small cracks on the tank or base. The water can slowly seep into the crevices and leak out.

How to fix it?

In my opinion, buying a new one is your best bet. Cracks in the humidifier structure could lead to unexpected water leakage at any time.

Pure Enrichment humidifier makes a loud noise

Pure Enrichment humidifiers are quiet. When you hear a usual low noise coming out of it, you should pay attention. In most cases, this can occur when the humidifier is placed on an uneven surface. It can also occur when the air inlet is blocked. 

How to fix it? 

Find a proper placement for your humidifier. Make sure the surface is flat, 2-3 feet off the ground, and 3 feet away from the bed. Don’t place it on the carpet!

Sum up 

This comprehensive guide is designed to help you troubleshoot issues with your malfunctioning Pure Enrichment humidifier. I hope you have got what you want. 

When addressing a non-functioning Pure Enrichment unit, begin by verifying the power source and ensuring the water reservoir is adequately filled. Additionally, consider conducting a thorough cleaning and adjusting its placement as necessary.

Wishing you a quick resolution to the issue!

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  1. The warm mist is being developed normally in the base upon power application. Mist initially begins propagating up the chimney when first turned on, however fails to propagate up the chimney when power is cycled off then on again. The disk is warm and the water is lukewarm. The mist just fails propagate up the chimney shaft, as physics should allow. The unit is clean and doesn’t appear to be clogged anywhere. Please give me a tip about what to do.


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