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Is Water From A Dehumidifier Distilled

Is Water From A Dehumidifier Distilled? Interesting Facts Revealed

Distilled water is clean, safe, and drinkable. If we can find a new source of distilled water at home, that would be great. That’s why many dehumidifier owners have wondered if the water from their dehumidifiers is distilled. 

While dehumidifier water also comes from the moisture in the air, it is not distilled since it may contain bacteria, fungi, and other impurities.

In this post, we will provide all details about the difference between dehumidifier water and distilled water as well as why your household humidifier can’t make distilled water. Keep reading to discover the interesting facts behind this question.

What is distilled water?

water distillation

Before answering the question of this article, it is crucial to figure out what distilled water is so that you can identify the difference between these two types of water easier.

According to Web MD, distilled water refers to the liquid state of steam from boiling water. It will take three steps to make distilled water, including boiling, evaporating, and recondensing.

After the boiling process, the minerals and other impurities will be left behind. Most bacteria, mold, and other microorganisms will also be killed by the high temperature. As a result, distilled water is widely regarded as the purest water on the planet.

You can make distilled water at home by a variety of means, like using a water distiller or an extended kettle. Buying the bottled distilled water in your local store or online is also doable.

Is using a dehumidifier also a way to make distilled water? See the answer in the next section.

Does a dehumidifier make distilled water?

No, as I previously stated, a dehumidifier will not produce distilled water. After learning how a dehumidifier works, I believe you will understand why.

A dehumidifier lowers the indoor humidity level by extracting the moisture in the air. When the surrounding air gets into the machine with the help of a fan, it will go through the chilled coils, and the moisture will drop down when the air is cooled. We call it a process of condensation. 

When more and more water droplets accumulate, they will drain into the tank. 

You see, the dehumidifier water is from the water vapor in the air, which is similar to the source of distilled water. Nevertheless, condensation is still different from distillation.

As condensation doesn’t involve a boiling process, the bacteria, pathogens, and other germs will settle out in the water tank at the same time. In addition, the condenser coil may release metal into the water even though the condensed water should be free of minerals initially.

Aside from that, a dehumidifier will take some time to collect a full tank of water. Stagnant water can serve as a breeding ground for mold spores and bacteria, making the water even more contaminated.

Therefore, the dehumidifier water is not as clean as the distilled water. These two types of water are not interchangeable in most cases. What’s important, it is not drinkable.

Is it possible to turn dehumidifier water into distilled water?

Yes. You can make dehumidifier water into distilled water in two ways. 

Control the air quality in the room

The water in a dehumidifier differs from distilled water in that it contains several impurities getting from the air. 

Technically, the dehumidifier can produce distilled water as expected as long as the air sucked into the machine is clean and the condenser coil does not leach metal.

However, it is hard to control the indoor air quality, especially when you ask for an environment free of any germs and pollutants. As a result, this method is not very practical in the real world.

Distill the dehumidifier water 

If you insist on converting dehumidifier water into distilled water, you can go one step further and boil it in the oven or water distiller. 

Instead of dumping the water, you can reuse this distilled water in many ways. For example, you can add it to your humidifier, which is much better than tap water since mineral deposits are difficult to form inside.

Safe uses of dehumidifier water 

If you don’t want to bother with the above methods, you can use the dehumidifier water directly in a variety of situations.

Fill the steam irons

To maintain a good image, ironing the clothes is an important part of your life. Since it contains limited minerals, it is great for use in the irons. You can expect to see your steam irons serve you longer when adding dehumidifier water to it on a regular basis.

Water the plants

Usually, the dehumidifier doesn’t contain many toxic chemicals. Although it is not potable, it is safe to water the plants. 

However, you’d better mix it with tap water when watering the plants since it is almost free of dissolved minerals. Some minerals such as calcium and magnesium are beneficial for plant growth.

I’ve put together a guide on how to use dehumidifier water on plants for you. If you’re interested, go here.

Flush the toilet

We don’t care much about the quality of water while flushing the toilet. You can add the dehumidifier water to the toilet tank and use it for the next flush. 

There are many other methods to use dehumidifier water. I am sure you can save some money on your water bill in the long run. 


Many customers attempt to use their dehumidifiers as distilled water. However, a dehumidifier can’t make water distilled.

This is because dehumidifiers use a condensation process, which is different from distillation. Due to the lack of a boiling process, mold spores, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms will not be killed. Beyond that, other impurities in the air will also settle out in the water. 

Because dehumidified water is not as clean as distilled water, you can’t drink it. But it still has many other uses, such as watering plants and flushing the toilet. Your dehumidifier is still a good place to look for a new water source.

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