How To Use A Taotronics Humidifier? A Simple Guide For You

I assume you just got your new Taotronics humidifier, right? Rather than reading the boring manual, you may want to know how to use your Taotronics humidifier more easily. 

You come to the right place. I personally owned Taotronics humidifier TT-AH038 and will use it as an example to guide you on how to use a Taotronics humidifier.

There is no significant difference between each model. I am sure you will get many useful tips even if your model is different from mine.

Set up your Taotronics humidifier

When utilizing a humidifier, there are a number of factors to consider. You should ensure that the equipment efficiently raises indoor humidity without causing any adverse effects.

Step 1: Find a good placement

Where you place your Taotronics humidifier matters a lot.

You should place it on a flat surface at least two feet above the floor and 12 inches away from the wall. In addition, for the safety consideration, your humidifier needs to be out of reach for your naughty children and pets. 

If you intend to use your humidifier for your household plants, placing it 3 to 6 feet away from the plants is generally a good idea. 

Please don’t place it in wet environments, which can cause electrical shocks and corrosion. 

Step 2: Add water and diluted essential oil

Turn the water tank upside down. Next, open the water cap and fill it with distilled water and diluted essential oil. Don’t use tap water if possible.

Note that not every model of Taotronics humidifier can run with essential oil. You should check the information on the manual or product page.

My TT-AH038 model is made with anti-corrosive PP material so that you can use it for aromatherapy. But you still should exercise caution when adding essential oil to your humidifier since some types of essential oil could be toxic. 

Once the tank is full, replace the tank cap and put the tank back. Ensure the tank fits the base smoothly to prevent any leakage. 

Step 3: Plug the adaptor into an outlet

Ensure the power cord and adaptor is dry off, and then plug the adaptor in with dry hands. Don’t place the device too close to the power source, which is dangerous.

Run your Taotronics humidifier

Now, you can turn on your lovely Taotronics humidifier to see how powerful it is. Like my TT-AH038 model, many models come with only a few simple features. I will illustrate how to operate functions in other advanced models as well. 

Step 1: Adjust mist direction

taotronics humidifier nozzle

By manually turning the nozzle on the top of the water tank, you can decide which direction you want it to go. Don’t turn the nozzle against the wall, which can diminish the effect and foster the growth of mold. 

Step 2: Adjust mist output rate

taotronics humidifier knob

By rotating the big control knob on the base clockwise, you can turn on your humidifier and increase the mist level from minimal to maximum. 

Some models utilize buttons to set up the mist level. You can continuously choose a proper mist level from low to high by pressing the button.

Step 3: Control the night light

taotronics humidifier night light

In most models, you can turn the night light on and off by pressing the control button. My TT- AH038 model takes it a step further by allowing you to adjust the light’s brightness.

Press the button, the night light will turn on in the medium range. By pressing and holding it for 1.5 seconds, you can adjust brightness from low to high. You can vary the brightness from high to low by repeating this action.

Step 3: Set the timer

My Taotraonics TT-AH038 model doesn’t have a timer button, but many else do. You can set the runtime from 2 to 24 hours by pressing the button in 2-hour increments. The video below will teach you how to do it exactly.

Step 4: Refill the water

It is advisable to change out the water every day. However, if you forget about it, you don’t need to be too concerned. Most, if not all, Taotronics humidifiers have an auto shut-off feature. When the humidifier runs out of water, it will turn off with a red night on. 

Whenever you refill the water, the red light will turn off. 

Maintain your Taotronics humidifier

When thinking about how to use your Taotronics humidifier, you should also consider how to maintain it. Humidifiers are simple and effective gadgets to combat dryness, but they are also notorious for upkeep.

Step 1: Clean the device 

Simply put, you have to rinse off the tank and reservoir and change out the water every day. On top of it, thorough cleaning and disinfection are needed once a week.

I have written a guide to teaching you how to clean a Taotraonics humidifier step by step, here it is.

Step 2: Troubleshoot 

I have yet to experience any problems while using my Taotronics cool mist humidifier. However, a few frequent issues can arise at some point.

For example, when the mist is reduced, you may need to remove the excess mineral deposits, whereas when the mist height is low, the air inlet may be blocked.

You can check this troubleshooting guide to know what you need to do when your Taotronics humidifier stop working. 


Taotronics humidifiers are easy to operate. After reading this guide, I hope you already have a firm understanding of it. 

Finding a proper placement is crucial for the gadget’s performance and preventing potentially dangerous situations like mold growth and electrical shock. 

By turning the knob and pressing buttons, you can control the mist level, night light, and timer. Nothing complicated would need to be handled during the entire process.

Now is the time to put your Taotraonics humidifier on to work for you!

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