How To Use A Crane Humidifier? Easy-peasy!

Crane is a well-known humidifier brand that features easy operation and adorable design. If you are a person who doesn’t like to deal with complicated functions, a Crane humidifier could be a good option to go for. 

All Crane humidifiers, including my EE-8249 model, are simple to operate. In this post, I will use my Crane humidifier as an example to show you how to use a Crane humidifier properly. 

Don’t be concerned! It’s a piece of cake!

Step up your Crane humidifier

Instead of turning on your humidifier directly, there are some requirements you have to meet beforehand. 

Step 1: Find a good placement for your Crane humidifier

Where to place your humidifier depends on your purposes. For example, if you want to use it in your baby’s room, make sure it is out of your baby’s reach and at least 3 to 4 feet away from the crib. 

Furthermore, placing the humidifier in a damp environment will result in electrical shocks and other hazards. If possible, placing your Crane humidifier in the middle of the room is the best.

Step 2: Fill the tank with clean water

crane humidifier water tank

Using distilled water is your best bet when it comes to adding water to your humidifier. If the tap water in your area is really hard, it will result in white dust and slime, which are some things you want to avoid.

To fill the water tank, turn it upside down and rotate the tank cap. Replace the cap and securely reattach the tank to the base once it is full.

Depending on which model you have, you may need to remove the nozzle on the top before filling the water.

fill crane humidifier tank

Besides, some Crane models are compatible with essential oils. In this case, you can add a few drops of diluted essential oil to the tank. You must read the instruction carefully to see whether or not you can use it as a diffuser.

Some models come with a vapor slot, where you can insert a vapopad for aromatherapy. 

Step 3: Connect to the power source

Please make sure the plug, the cord, and the surface of the humidifier are dry off before plugging it in. Don’t place the humidifier too close to the outlet, which can catch fire or trigger other hazards over time.

Start to humidify the room

Crane humidifiers are super easy to operate. They often feature a simple design with one or three buttons or a big control knob. You should be able to figure it out in one or two minutes.

Step 1: Turn on the machine

You can turn on the machine by rotating the knob from 0 to 1 or pressing the power button. The indicator is green at this moment.

Step 2: Adjust the mist level

adjust crane humidifier mist

Turning the knob clockwise on my unicorn model allows me to adjust the humidifier mist output rate from low to high.

Some models only come with one power button. To increase the mist level, they must press the button several times.

A few models have an output touch button with various light colors. The green color represents high mist, while the blue color represents low mist.

If you notice that the mist height is too low, lower the mist level so that the humidifier does not over-humidify the room.

Step 3: Set up the night light

My EE-8249 mode doesn’t have a nightlight function. However, some models do. You can choose the light color; otherwise, the night light color will change continually.

With one touch, the night light will turn on with changing colors. With two touches, you can keep the current color on. When you touch the bottom again, the light will turn off.

The night light is a great feature for showing you the way at night without completely waking you and your partner up.

Step 4: Refill the tank

When Crane humidifiers run out of water, they will stop automatically with the red light blinking three times. 

When refilling the tank, you should ensure the device has been disconnected from the power source.

Take care of your Crane humidifier 

Crane humidifiers are of high quality. But it doesn’t mean that it will never fail. In fact, you must maintain it on a daily basis.

To prevent leakage, you can’t move the machine when the tank is full of water.

Besides, even though many models can run for up to 24 hours, you must replace the tank water every day because the remaining water can promote mold and bacteria growth, posing health risks to you and your family members.

Once a week, you need to clean and disinfect the machine thoroughly. Rather than using a specific humidifier cleanser, white vinegar has good performance. It has the ability to dissolve mineral buildup as well as kill bacteria and mold spores. Remember to rinse off the machine a few times until the smell of vinegar has gone.

You can check this guide to understand how to clean Crane humidifiers exactly.

On top of it, you may have to troubleshoot the device. In most cases, it’s due to mineral deposits. I have written a post to educate you on how to fix these issues. Here it is.


After reading this guide, I believe you already know how to use your Crane humidifier. Compared to other brands, Crane humidifiers are easier to operate with fewer buttons and knobs.

Meanwhile, many of the models have an adorable appearance. I think it is why many parents like to buy them. The unique design adds no complexity to the use.

While a Crane humidifier does not have many advanced features, it effectively humidifies the room in a short time. It is suitable for children or the elderly who want something simple to use.

I wish you a wonderful journey with your Crane humidifier!

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