How To Use A Dehumidifier To Dry A Room?

Dehumidifiers have become must-haves for many households in America. If this is your first time using one, you may be confused about how to use it.

Don’t worry. This post will show you how to use a dehumidifier to dry a room properly. There are some steps you should exercise caution, so it is worth taking some time to read it carefully.

Unpack the dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers are not exactly lightweight appliances. You should be careful while unpacking it. 

It is critical to confirm your dehumidifier type ahead of time because it will determine how you can unpack it.

If you have a compressor dehumidifier, which is the most common type, you must let it stand for at least one hour before plugging it in. This is because the built-in compressor contains oil, which could leak out during transportation.

Standing it for a while allows the oil to return to the compressor, preventing any potential problems.

Because desiccant dehumidifiers do not include a compressor, they can be used without one.

You should also check to see if any parts are missing or broken. If this is the case, you should immediately contact the manufacturer or reseller.

Place the dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers are identified as being appropriate to a certain size of living space. Therefore, you should put your dehumidifier in a room that has the proper size. Otherwise, your machine may not be able to control the humidity level or waste a lot of energy.

Once you’ve decided which room to go to, the next step is to figure out where you’re going to put the dehumidifier.

Keep in mind that your dehumidifier requires adequate airflow to function and can produce noise.

As a result, keep it a few feet away from the wall and your bed. It is usually a good idea to place it near windows or other sources of humidity. However, please ensure that there is a nearby socket.

Furthermore, if you want to drain your dehumidifier using a hose, things can become a little more complicated. To begin, place the machine on a flat surface with a higher level. Second, your hose should be able to reach a drain port.

Check the room temperature

check the room temperature

Dehumidifiers can’t work very effectively in cold rooms.

In a cold climate, your machine is more prone to icing and becoming overloaded.

In general, it should be run when the temperature is above 60°F for compressor units and above 0°F for desiccant units.

If the temperature in your room is too low, turn on your heater or other heating source and use your dehumidifier once the temperature has increased.

Keep windows and doors closed

It is not advisable to use a dehumidifier with the windows open. It will increase the load on your machine because the moisture content outside will constantly enter the room.

Before turning on your dehumidifier, close all windows and doors. If you want to improve efficiency, you can use it with a fan.

Toggle the settings

toggle the settings of dehumidifier

The most important aspect of using a dehumidifier to dry a room is getting the settings right. Because of technological advancements, models now have a few buttons from which to choose.

There are several modes to choose from, including continuous mode, manual mode, and auto mode. You can also make use of the timer.

What is most important is that the target humidity should be set between 35% and 55%. Mold and dust mites can thrive in high humidity environments. Low humidity, on the other hand, can promote the spread of bacteria and pollen.

If this is your first time using a dehumidifier at home, start with the most powerful setting to extract excess moisture from furniture, walls, and other items.

After one or two weeks, you can lower the temperature because there is less moisture content left.

Empty the water tank 

Depending on the capacity of the dehumidifier, the size of the water tank, and the level of indoor humidity, you may need to empty the tank several times per day.

If you leave it unattended, your machine will stop working once the tank is full. Mold and bacteria could breed in the stagnant water. That is why many people discover black particles in their dehumidifiers.

Clean the water tank and air filter weekly

Dehumidifiers are great for humid areas, but they require a lot of maintenance. Clean the water bucket with vinegar every few days to keep it in good condition.

The air filter can remove dust and dirt that are present in the air. When the airflow is obstructed, it can cause problems in the machine.

Most air filters, thankfully, are reusable. You can take it out and rinse it under running water.

Clean the coils

A certain amount of dust and dirt can enter the machine and attach to the coil. It can reduce the efficiency of the coil over time, reducing the lifespan of your dehumidifier.

Depending on how frequently you use your dehumidifier, you should clean the coils on a regular basis.

However, because you must disassemble the machine to access the coils, the procedure may be complicated. Look at the instructions here.

Wrapping up

This article has laid out the most important information about using a dehumidifier to dry a room.

Dehumidifiers are simple to operate. There will be a short learning curve, but you will get the hang of it quickly. The location is critical because it determines whether your dehumidifier can reduce humidity and how long it will take to work.

Don’t set the humidistat too low, as this can have negative consequences.

I’m sure you can figure out what to do with your brand-new dehumidifier in a few minutes if you read the instruction manual and pay attention to the warranty.

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