How To Reset My Air Conditioner Remote Control? [4 Methods Included]

People who want to control their air conditioners while lying on the sofa will appreciate a remote control. However, it, like any other electrical device, can fail at some point. Your air conditioner, for example, may not respond or may respond incorrectly.

Fortunately, you can usually fix a broken ac remote by resetting it. This article will show you four different methods for resetting an air conditioner remote control. You will most likely find a solution that works for you.

1. Reset your AC remote with the reset button

reset aircon remote with reset button

Some air conditioner remote control includes a reset button on the front or the back. The reset button is usually very small to avoid being accidentally touched.

As a result, you must use a needle or something similar to press and hold it down for approximately 5 seconds until the display goes blank.

Your remote ac will be reset when you release it. A beep can be heard at the same time in many cases.

2. Reset your AC remote with the display button

A reset button is not found on every ac remote. If this is the case, you can try other buttons. For example, my Midea air conditioner remote control can be reset by pressing the “display button” at least 5 times continuously.

Following that, you will hear a beep from your air conditioner, indicating that the remote has been reset.

Other ac brands’ models may use different reset buttons, which you can find in the manual.

3. Reset your AC remote by removing the battery

reset ac remote through changing battery

When the ac remote control loses power, it will reset after returning to work. You can turn off the power by removing the battery.

The battery is usually found on the back of the remote. You can get to it by completely removing the panel.

Next, pull out the batteries, wait for five minutes, and put them back. 

4. Reset your AC remote by changing the battery

In fact, you can see how much power is left on your ac remote’s display, but many people overlook it. It will begin to malfunction if the power is too low.

Resetting the remote with a new battery is similar to removing and reinserting the battery. If you haven’t changed the battery in a long time, it will most likely solve your problem.

What to do if the AC remote doesn’t work after a reset?

Even though many people have successfully resolved their ac problems by resetting the ac remote, this will not always work.

It’s possible that something goes wrong with the remote or the air conditioner itself.

Identify whether or not the remote is faulty

There are two ways to do that:

  1. Test your ac with another remote control from the same brand to see if it is responding.

If so, the remote is faulty. If not, the problem is caused by the ac unit itself, or by something interfering with the signals.

To work, the remote must be within ten meters of the unit. Furniture and other objects can also interfere with signal transmission. By standing near the air conditioner and using the remote, you can rule out this possibility.

  1. To turn on the air conditioner, press the small black restart button on the indoor unit.
black button to restart ac

This button is located on the unit’s bottom right side. To gain access to the split ac, you must first remove the cover. If your air conditioner works normally in this situation, the problem is caused by the remote.

Purchase a new AC remote

You can replace the ac remote with a new one as long as you can prove it is faulty. Because the remote is usually inexpensive, repairing it is not a good option.

It is worth noting that not every ac remote will work with your model. You should look for it in the manual or on the manufacturer’s website, and get one with the same model number from the same manufacturer.

If that is not an option, you can get a universal ac remote, but you must program it using air conditioning remote codes.

Reset the air conditioner 

Even if the remote is not the culprit, it doesn’t mean that you should start to repair your ac immediately. In many cases, a unit reset can also solve the problem. 

There are a few ways to reset an air conditioner, such as pressing the reset button on the cord or the outside unit. 

Repair the air conditioner 

If the reset can’t make your ac work again, there is a high likelihood that there is something wrong with your ac. Whenever cleaning the filter and coils doesn’t help, you may need the assistance of a certified HVAC expert. 


Many people like to control their air conditioning unit through remote control. If it malfunctions, you can fix it by a reset.

There are 4 ways to reset an ac remote, including pressuring the reset button or display button, changing the battery, or removing the battery. 

You can purchase a new one if your remote fails and the reset doesn’t work. It is pocket-friendly anyway. 

As a side note, keep the remote within ten meters of your ac and clear of any items that could interfere with the signal. This could be the reason your ac isn’t responding.

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