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homedics humidifier not working

HoMedics Humidifier Not Working? A Supreme Troubleshooting Guide

I have two HoMedics humidifiers and am mostly satisfied with how they perform, though cleaning them can be a bit of a task.

If your HoMedics humidifier isn’t working, the usual culprits include mineral buildup causing clogs, not being plugged in, or simply running out of water. There might be other reasons as well.

Fortunately, these problems are straightforward to diagnose and fix. By following this guide, you’ll likely be able to solve the issue yourself.

HoMedics humidifier doesn’t produce mist

When people say their humidifiers are not working, they are likely saying that they are not producing mist. After all, the humidifier’s power lies in simple but effective magic: mist or water vapor. 

There are 3 main causes of this problem. 

Mineral deposits clog the machine

Mineral deposits clog the Homedics humidifier

In my HoMedics humidifier manual, the manufacturer recommends using distilled water to fill the water reservoir. 

If you use hard water, the dissolved minerals will turn into mineral deposits with time. This sediment can clog the transducer and the heating elements (if you have a warm humidifier), causing reduced or no mist output. As far as I know, the transducer of the Homedics humidifier is a bit hard to access, so you may neglect to clean them.

Other than that, mineral buildup will foster the growth of contaminants and the formation of white dust, putting you and your house at risk. 

How to fix it

1. Clean and disinfect your HoMedics model regularly. Every 3 days or week, you have to clean and sanitize the machine thoroughly. Use a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water to give the tank and base a scour. 

2. Add distilled water. Distilled water is your best bet if you want to say goodbye to those annoying scales and lime. It doesn’t contain any minerals, but it is not an excuse for you can stop cleaning the machine.

3. Use a demineralization cartridge. My HoMedics comes with a cartridge that I can put into the water tank to purify the tap water. It can filter out the minerals and help with reducing white dust. If the water in your area is relatively soft, it should work. 

No power

Sometimes, when you use an electronic gadget with water, things can get complicated. The moisture particles can accumulate on the cords and power strips, causing malfunction. Or you just forget to plug it in.

How to fix it

Use a new power strip or seek professional help. Don’t try to fix this problem if you don’t have related expertise. 

Your HoMedics humidifier runs out of water

homedics humidifier run out of water

Most, if not all, HoMedics humidifiers have an auto-off function that will stop humidifying when it is going to run out of water. 

My model can run up to 65 hours, and the runtime of other models is also quite long. So it is easy for users to forget to refill the water. 

How to fix it

To troubleshoot this problem, you just need to refill the water tank with distilled water and your device will work again. 

What’s important is you need to get used to changing out the water every day. Then you can avoid the issue forever.

HoMedics humidifier stopped working after cleaning

You should be careful when cleaning a humidifier because it contains a lot of electronic components inside. 

If you happen to submerge the base in water, the machine may fail when you plug it in. Another possible situation is that you just forget to connect to the power source or refill the water after cleaning.

How to fix it

If it is not a problem with the power source and empty water tank, you can pour out all the water and set all the parts aside to air dry. 

Once every part is completely dry, you can put it back and try to rerun it. 

If it is still not working, you can go for an electrician.

HoMedics humidifier makes excessive noise

HoMedics products don’t always produce noise. The operation process is quiet. 

Don’t be agitated if you hear some strange sound coming out of it. It is either due to the uneven surface or the low water level.

How to fix it

Troubleshooting this problem is effortless. You can find a flat surface and move the unit there. Or refill the tank after checking the water level.

HoMedics humidifier doesn’t work with a red light on

Some HoMedics units have lights to indicate the conditions of the device.

Suppose your model has a “clean” light. If it turns red, it reminds you that the machine is dirty. 

Some models have a red light that stays on when it runs out of water.

How to fix it

Refilling the tank or cleaning the machine can solve the problem. But it may be due to other causes such as the water level sensor being broken and your machine making the wrong judgment. Click here to know more details.

HoMedics humidifier makes everything wet

HoMedics humidifier makes everything wet

Every humidifier can make the house wet, and so do HoMedics. There are so many causes that it is hard to give a single clear-cut solution.

Sometimes, it is because it isn’t time to use a humidifier since the indoor humidity level is high enough.

Or the model is too big for the room, and your setting of output rate is too high. Other causes also involve the wrong placement, damaged filter, and poor ventilation.

How to fix it

Choosing a proper unit is critical. Luckily, you can find the recommendation of room size on the packaging of each HoMedics unit.

I suggest you start from the lowest setting whenever you get a new model.

Many units have a built-in humidistat, like my totalcomfort deluxe, which can turn on and off according to the humidity level. Otherwise, having a hygrometer installed is very important. 

homedics humidifier humidistat

On top of it, you should place it at least 2 feet off the ground and away from the ceiling, walls, and corners. 


HoMedics is a trustworthy humidifier brand but their products can stop working like other household appliances. So the purpose of this post is to troubleshoot this problem.

If you notice reduced or no mist coming out of the machine, that’s a clue that cleaning is overdue and mineral buildup has wreaked havoc inside the water tank. Or it is just because the water tank is empty or you forget to plug it in.

Besides, placement is also essential as it can make the machine produce noise or make everything wet.

Don’t be overstressed about this problem. As long as you keep the machine clean, place it off the ground, and set it properly, it will not stop working frequently. My Comfort Deluxe and Comfort Ultrasonic UHE-WM350 have worked smoothly for almost one year now and it only stops working when I forget to refill the water.

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