Why Is My Crane Humidifier Not Working? See Our Troubleshooting Guide

Crane humidifiers are usually long-lasting. If your Crane model stops working, chances are you can fix it yourself. This Crane humidifier troubleshooting guide will walk you through what to do if your Crane humidifier isn’t working properly, saving you time in trial and error.

In most cases, the Crane humidifier stops working when the machine runs out of water or the cleaning is overdue. After refilling the tank with water or receiving a thorough cleaning, your Crane humidifier will recover immediately. 

There are, however, some other causes. In this post, I’ll go over all of the common issues with Crane humidifiers and their solutions. Read on!

Crane humidifier not turning on 

When your Crane humidifier does not light up or make any noise, it indicates there is something wrong with the power source.


Crane humidifiers use a detachable cord. As a result, you should double-check that the cord is securely connected to the machine and that the plug is properly inserted into the socket.

crane humidifier not turning on

If your machine is still not working, the problem could be with the power supply or the device. Plugging in other functional electronics in your home can assist in determining the issue.

Your humidifier may fail if this new device is operational. Otherwise, you must replace or repair the outlet.

As you are aware, the old wiring system is easily overloaded, causing a circuit breaker to trip. Humidifiers don’t use a lot of electricity, but other electronic devices on the same circuit can cause the problem. 

Therefore, using your Crane humidifier on a specific circuit may solve the problem immediately.

Whenever the problem lies in the unit itself, it may be due to the machine being overheated or malfunctioning. it could be due to overheating or malfunctioning. Unless you have the expertise and know-how to repair it, you should contact customer service.

Crane humidifiers produce reduced mist or no mist 

Crane humidifiers, like other humidifiers, require routine maintenance. Minerals, dirt, mold spores, and bacteria will accumulate over time and form deposits in the tank and base.

These buildups can collect around the diaphragm and obstruct the vibration process. That is the main reason why you see the mist reduce gradually, but the indicator should be green under this circumstance. 

If your Crane humidifier is not working with a red light illuminated, proceed to the next section.


Giving your Crane model a thorough cleaning should do the trick.

To dissolve the deposits, it is best to dump the remaining water, refill the tank and base with a mixture of vinegar and water, and let it sit for half an hour. Afterward, rinse it off, dry out the unit, and tonguerefill it with distilled water. Then you can plug in the machine to see if it works again.

I have written a guide to show you how to clean a Crane humidifier properly. Check here.

Aside from that, you must commit to regular cleaning in order to avoid this happening again.

Crane humidifier is not working with a red indicator staying on

crane humidifier not working red light

Sometimes the Crane humidifier is not working with the right light staying on. There is a high likelihood that the device runs out of water and the red light turns on to remind you to refill the tank. 

However, the red light can illuminate when the tank is full. It is because the water level sensor has failed.

Besides, the water accumulation in the circuitry can also make this issue occur.


Adding some water to the water tank should make the red indicator turn off automatically.

If not, take apart the water level sensor in the reservoir and inspect its state. If it is not damaged, you should reassemble it as per the instruction. Otherwise,  a new water level sensor for your Crane humidifier is required.

You should seek professional help when the problem is triggered by water accumulation in the basin. Or you can try to dry out the electrical components on your own if you are a handyman.

Check out the post here if you want to learn more about “Crane humidifier red light.”

Crane humidifier keeps turning off

It is required to place a humidifier on a flat surface. If your Crane humidifier sits on an unstable surface, it can keep turning off. 

On top of it, placing it on the carpet is not a good idea as it can block the fan vent. This will result in overheating in the base and turning off in the end. 


It is a general rule of thumb that a humidifier should be placed on a level and waterproof surface. Nothing should be blocking the vent or the mist outlet because the electrical components can quickly overheat.

Crane humidifier is leaking 

When your humidifier’s water tank is full, do not attempt to relocate it. The water can drain from the crevice between the reservoir and tank and accidentally get into the basin.

Humidifiers can over-humidify a room, causing the mist height to fall. Water vapor will land on the machine and return to liquid form. That is why you can see leakage from the mist lid.

Furthermore, the water tank may crack over time or by accident. Water will seep through the crack.

At last, the water can leak from the bottom or other places from the base. The water can get in it while cleaning, or it is just because the machine have failed. 


If you want to change the placement, you need to drain the water in advance. So the water will not flow out in the process.

When you notice water leaking from the lid, lowering the mist level and opening a door or window can help.

Besides, don’t be too concerned when the water tank is broken as it is easy to get the replacement from the manufacturer.

Nonetheless, calling for a professional is sensible when the base is leaking. Dealing with electrical components can be too complicated for you.

Crane humidifier smells

Crane humidifiers are able to not only produce water vapor but also odors. It can smell musty, like pee, or like a wet dog. This is a sign that your humidifier is contaminated, and you have to take some measures.

More often than not, the smell is released by the buildups in the water tank in the base.


The best way to get rid of the odors is to clean your humidifier thoroughly. In addition to that, you ought to change the water every day and put distilled water in the humidifier.

Wrapping up

This is a useful troubleshooting guide to educate you on what to do when your Crane Humidifier is not working.

Usually, the machine stops working when it runs out of water or the mineral deposits block it. As long as you refill the water tank on a daily basis and clean the unit once a week, you can avoid this problem.

Beyond that, you should inspect the connections, the placement, and the humidity levels. These factors also have an impact on the condition of your Crane humidifier.

If you find the reason is related to the electrical components in the base, you should contact customer service rather than attempting to repair it yourself.

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