Can You Put Perfume in A Humidifier? [Interesting Facts Revealed]

Many of us can’t live without perfume. We also want our house to smell better when we stay at home. When it comes to scenting a room, the idea of putting perfume in a humidifier has often crossed our minds, and I have seen a lot of people do it in their lives.

Generally, it is OK to put a few drops of perfume in a humidifier, especially when the humidifier has a built-in oil tray. But the fragrance should be alcohol-free, and you should clean the device more regularly to prevent potential clogs. 

To help you know the topic of “perfume in humidifiers” better, I summarized a lot of helpful information at your fingertip in this post. Let’s dive in!

Can I put perfume in my humidifier?

Yes. You can put a small amount of perfume in your humidifier, don’t overdo it. The aroma can help you feel refreshed and create a good mood while working and resting. 

Perfume is meant to be inhaled by human beings. So a minimal amount of it would not harm you in most cases. 

But if you add too much to it, it can result in many dangers you may have neglected. I will cover this in the following section.

Dangers of putting perfume in a humidifier

The best thing you can put in a humidifier is distilled water. It is so pure that much less danger will be associated with it. When you put perfume in it, things can get complicated. There are 3 possible dangers you should avoid.

Catch fire

As you know, putting alcohol in a humidifier is dangerous since alcohol is flammable. It can cause disaster when the alcohol vapor is ignited by fire. 

Some perfumes are alcohol-based.  When you mix it with water in the tank, the particles will be discharged into the air along with water droplets. It means that the alcohol will also get into the air. 

When you add too much perfume, the amount of alcohol will increase gradually. Then the chances of catching fire will increase accordingly.

It is better to be safe than sorry. So you should only use oil-based perfume.

Clog the machine

The ultrasonic and evaporative humidifiers are more prone to clogs when the fragrance is in the water tank.

The oil and other components in the perfume can settle down and form the buildup. These impurities can easily cause diaphragm malfunction. The diaphragm is the essential part of an ultrasonic unit. If it stops working, no mist will come out of the machine. 

It will also clog the wicks in evaporative models. You may have to clean the filter or replace it more frequently.

Bad for your pets

When we talk about the danger of using essential oil with a humidifier, I have emphasized that its components could be toxic or overwhelming to your pets. This also applies to perfume.

When the particles of perfume disperse into the air, some components can irritate the airway of these little creatures. If you want to use a scented humidifier, you’d better use it alone.  

Can you put cologne in a humidifier? 

Can You Put Cologne in a Humidifier

No, you can’t put cologne in a humidifier. Cologne is an alcohol-based perfume, meaning that it is flammable, and when you inhale the alcohol, it can pose health risks to your health. 

For the safety of your home and yourself, you shouldn’t add cologne to your humidifier.

How to prevent clogs in a scented humidifier?

Perfume could be the culprit of clogs in a humidifier. Luckily, there are a few ways to help you prevent it from happening. 

Instead of putting a few drops of fragrance in the water reservoir,  you can put a cotton ball with perfume on top of the warm mist humidifier.

Some evaporative humidifiers and vaporizers come with a medicine cup or oil tray. You can put a few drops in it, and it will evaporate naturally without contaminating the water.

Another way is to clean the device regularly, which I will cover next.

How to clean a humidifier with added perfume?

As perfume increases the likelihood of deposits in the water, you should clean it regularly. You can make a homemade white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide solution to remove all the oil, mineral buildup, mold, and bacteria. 

Empty the tank and base, soak a microfiber cloth with the solution and use it to wipe away the debris. Then pour some solution into the tank and let it sit for half an hour to loosen the remaining deposits. 

You should make sure it doesn’t have a previous scent or a vinegar smell if you intend to try another perfume. 

If too much mold is present in a filter, you should throw the filter away directly.

Wrapping up

You should be careful when you try to add anything to a humidifier. For example, you can’t add Vicks in it because it can clog the machine easily. Or you can’t put essential oil in it because it can corrode the material and hurt your pets.

When it comes to putting perfume in it, you shouldn’t avoid using alcohol-based fragrances and going overboard. If you have furry friends at home, you should ensure the components would not hurt them. 

Many models come with an oil tray or medicine cup, which are the most suitable place to put your perfume. It can spread aroma without clogging the machine. Otherwise, you need to clean your humidifier regularly to prevent malfunction and the growth of bacteria and mold. 

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