What Is The Auto Mode On My Air Conditioner?

When you press the mode button on the air conditioner remote control, the first symbol that appears is usually a circle of arrows, denoting “auto mode.”

Many people are aware that this mode can do something for them automatically, but they are unsure how it will work.

Don’t worry! I have got you covered. In this post, I will explain what the auto mode on ac is, when you should use it, and the difference between the auto and cool modes.

After reading this article, you should have a firm understanding of this ac mode.

What does auto mean on an air conditioner?

If you have a split or window air conditioner, the auto mode is a function that automatically cools or heats the room based on the outside temperature. That is, you no longer have to choose between cooling and heating modes.

In auto mode, the temperature is usually set to 24 or 25° C. It will produce hot air when the ambient temperature is less than 24 or 25° C, and cold air when the ambient temperature is greater than 24 or 25° C. The fan speed will also be automatically adjusted.

In most cases, the target temperature cannot be adjusted in auto mode. However, some models, such as my Midea AC, allow you to change the target temperature.

If you have a central air conditioning system and see the word “auto” on the thermostat, this means that the fan will turn off when the AC is turned off. More information about “on and auto in ac fan” can be found here.

This article focuses on the auto mode in a split or window air conditioner.

When should you use auto mode?

The auto mode can be used whenever you want to run an air conditioner. Rather than fiddling with the remote settings, you can ensure your AC is working properly by pressing the mode button and selecting auto mode.

Regardless of the weather, you can continue to use “auto mode.”

Cool mode vs. auto mode in AC

The primary distinction between cool mode and auto mode is that cool mode can only cool the air while auto mode can heat the air when the room temperature is low.

If you use the cool mode in the winter, it may fail, but if you use the auto mode, your AC will work properly because it will use the heat pump instead of the evaporator coil.

Because the preset temperature of many air conditioners’ auto modes is not changeable, your AC will try to maintain the same room temperature. However, you will have a different experience in cool mode because you can set the temperature to be lower or higher.

Benefits of using an auto mode on ac

You may still not be sure if you should use the auto mode, so let’s look into its benefits. 

Avoid wrong settings

People make mistakes from time to time. On cold days, for example, you could activate the cool mode.

As you know, an AC in cool mode can’t work properly when it is cold outside because the lubricant oil in the compressor will get thicker, and the evaporator coil is prone to icing up. This will also shorten the lifespan of your device. 

By enabling auto mode, it can determine which mode to use based on the ambient temperature, potentially causing damage to your AC.

Easy to use for children and the elderly

Figuring out each button on the remote can be difficult for some children, the elderly, or people with disabilities. It may also be difficult to press different buttons.

They can use the AC and have a comfortable experience by pressing the mode button once (some models need to press the power button in advance), which saves a lot of effort and time.

It also helps to prevent colds, which is especially beneficial for children and the elderly.

Does an auto mode save electricity?

Unfortunately, auto mode is not designed to save energy. It won’t use much electricity because the preset temperature is 25° C, which won’t put too much strain on the compressor in most cases.

However, different from the ECO mode or sleep mode, it will not dial down on its cooling or heating performance when you leave home or fall asleep. It works like a regular cooling or heating mode.


The auto mode is a great feature for people who don’t bother adjusting their air conditioner settings. It will automatically cool or heat the room based on the temperature.

Because auto mode prevents your machine from making mistakes, such as turning on the cooling mode in the winter, it will not cause damage to your device.

However, if you prefer a temperature that is too cold or too hot, the auto mode may not be a good choice because the preset temperature is not always adjustable.

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